Finally Hooked On Yoga!

yoga-tree-poseIt has been a while since I last talked about my new yoga journey. One of my resolutions or goals for 2012 was to stick to my yoga practice and continue to get better and better. Lately, I’ve been going to a new studio in my town since I bought a Groupon for $25 for 25 classes – $1 per class…. how could I pass that up?! I’ve been going at least once a week with one of my best friends. She happens to be a dancer so naturally she is a rock star at yoga. I’m sure she loves the looks I shoot her when the teacher asks us to do certain poses and her body bends with ease while I’m struggling to get even halfway to the floor.

But yoga isn’t about competition and I love that. As competitive as I can be (you should see my boyfriend and I play Hanging With Friends… yikes!), I love that yoga isn’t about competition. It is all about you and your health. I love that when doing yoga you can close your eyes as you flow through the moves. This allows me to tune out how flexible my friend is, what the person in front of me is doing, or whatever distractions can come. I can listen to my body, adjust a pose if it is killing my knees and give myself a pep talk as I push through any difficult poses.

I love that I can go into yoga and forget my worries and stress that accumulates over days, weeks and months. I can start to deep breathe and melt into the different poses. I can push myself to become more flexible and stronger. I get to spend time with one of my best friends. I must say I am getting more hooked each time I go! I find myself wanting to go more and more and feel my balance getting better and my mind growing stronger.

Do you love yoga? Tell me what you love about it or even vent what you hate about it!

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