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Pencil-artAs I look around my front sunroom and see the many antique ornaments collecting dusts it reminds me of all the art projects I have started and, instead of finishing, put up on the shelf. There are dusty beginnings patiently waiting for me to pick them up, wipe them off, and polish to completion. I have two partially painted canvases and one canvas partially covered in oil pastels. There are three semi-finished novels and an entire book of poems never published. I have lyrics never put to music and piles of fabrics with my fashion designs pinned to the top of them that have never been sewn.

There must be a reason for these projects to be started and never finished, a reason for all this inspiration to be squashed down before it is completely expressed. The answer I found to be quite simple, and I found it in a book I read over the weekend which readily became the July Book O’ Month: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Pressfield eloquently and candidly reports that the procrastination, distraction, excuses and disassociation come from RESISTANCE.

As artists, we are constantly being hit by bombs of resistance set out to destroy our creative powers. If we give in to the resistance we are never able to deliver the artistic message we have to the world. To spend time struggling with resistance depletes our energy taking away from the divine force of creativity within. The only way to overcome resistance is to move through it.

One of the best messages I received from The War of Art was that we must show up for our art. Everyday we must commit to be there for our art. Even if 4 hours of writing is spent on something that we throw in the trash or sewing an outfit that we unstitch and re-create, we are showing up for a committed amount of time and doing the work. This is how we move through resistance, by showing up no matter what and giving it everything we have got. Showing up for our committed amount of time in sadness, sickness, pleasure, pain, happiness, fear, excitement, doubt or anger. Showing up if you win the lottery or not. Showing up when you are a mom, a daughter, a father, a son, a friend, a wife, or a husband. Showing up no matter what for the sake of your art.

Our art, or expression of self, is the work we were sent here to do. Whether it is volunteering, painting, playing guitar, or entrepreneurship, we are here to express ourselves in a divine way that contributes to mankind. This can be on a large scale or small scale, but there is no gift too small that is shared generously. Commit today to show up for your expression of self and generously share it with the world.

Courtesy of Dare To Be You.

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