Beach Boot Camp Anyone? Interval Training Workout That Goes Everywhere You Do

Jumping on the beach

Heading south for a winter get-a-way? If you are one of the fortunate few traveling to a warmer climate this season you may have some concerns about leaving your normal workout routine behind. No worries!

This high energy interval training workout will blast fat and burn calories wherever you go. Especially to the beach.  And you don’t need any equipment. Consider your vacation a perfect opportunity to give your present fitness routine an energizing boost. Did I hear… you don’t have a beach? Not a problem – this workout easily adapts to your home or local gym.

Women all over the country are taking their workouts outdoors, to beautiful sandy beaches and pushing themselves to the limit. Join the crowd! If you are a devoted fitness enthusiast and feeling somewhat bored with your winter indoor workout I have just the plan you need. Beach Boot Camp! Working out on the beach requires nothing less or more than a bathing suit, water bottle, sunblock and a comfy pair of beach shoes, even bare feet will do…it’s up to you! As always, finding a workout buddy will keep you motivated, sweating and smiling, while burning up calories and ridding away toxins from the previous night’s beach party. Just remember to stay well hydrated during and after your workout. Drink water every fifteen minutes. Try not to exercise during peak heat and be sure to have fun!

Here it is… Beach Boot Camp!

1.  Start with a moderate warmup walk on the beach for 5-10 minutes.  Swing or pump your arms to get your entire body warm and ready.

2.  Walk briskly for 5 minutes. Remember to hold your belly tight and walk tall. Walking on the beach can be very challenging because you are constantly pushing off the sand with your legs. You should  feel your lower body muscles fully engaged.  Power walking on a beach can sometimes feel like fast paced lunging, which is not a bad thing. The harder you work the greater the benefits. So, no complaining!

3.  As you continue to move forward begin lunging. Alternate your lunge to a count of 60. Yes, I said 60 repetitions of a deep powerful alternating lunge. Persevere!

4.  Walk briskly for 5 minutes.

5.  Turn and face the ocean while you perform 20 Jumping Jacks.  You can modify your jack by doing an alternate side step or a Plie’ Jack.  Just make sure you get your arms over your head with each jack.

6. Hit the sand, belly down for 20 wide position pushups followed by 20 narrow grip pushups. Practice gratitude. Remember how lucky you are to be on vacation. This is fun!  You can do these on your knees or toes.  Just do them!!!

7.  Power walk for 3 minutes than jog or run for 2 minutes. Moderate walk for 1 minute. 6 minutes total.

8.  Turn and face the ocean. Leap sideways for 1 minute than turn around and leap in the same direction for another minute. This should be approx. 50-60 leaps on each side

Keep going, the payoff is awesome!

9.  Now for some real fun. Skip like a carefree kid for 1 minute. Get your arms way up in the air.

10.  Beach Crawl. This is not a bar crawl!  I said, on your hands and knees for 3 minutes! Crawling in the sand is awesome core work!

11. Get up and alternate 1 minute of power walking with 1 minute of running for 6 minutes.

12.  Moderate walk for 1 minute. You are almost done!

13.  Deep stationary squats and jump ups  (reach your arms to the sky) for 20 repetitions.

14.  Cool down walk for 5 minutes

15.   Relax and stretch for 5 minutes. Hold each stretch for 10 long yogic breaths.

16.  Jumping into the pool or a hot shower would be perfect right about now!

You did it!  You’re awesome! Be informed…be inspired…be fit for your future!

This workout will take approximately 1 hour from start to finish! Even 30 minutes everyday will help keep you strong and healthy on vacation. If you are not one for working out on the beach feel free to take this workout to the pavement or treadmill.  Try this workout at home or the gym and you can still wear your bathing suit! 

No need to feel like a loser or guilty if you don’t have time to workout for an hour; 10, 20 or 30 minutes of intense exercise will keep your metabolism firing strong so you can burn fat, build lean muscle and feel great all day long. Some amount of exercise is always better than no exercise!

Always check with your doctor before starting any fitness program.

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