Hugh? The History of Yoga Pants? Read On…

Gotta get a pair of these yoga pants!

Since their popularization in the 6th century (BC) by Iranian horse riders trousers, commonly referred to today as pants, have made their way over from Iran to Greece, from Central Asia & India to Europe and finally to the Americas and beyond. Once a privilege and symbol of status, wealth and even power to the noblemen and women of the day, pants have evolved from a useful luxury to a need. They are now a global phenomena, available to almost every man, woman and child of any socio-economic status on the planet.

Whether to serve a utilitarian purpose or to make a fashion statement every pair of slacks has a point, purpose and place in our world, and, in our hearts. Some have been designed to withstand specific elements, others to adapt to particular environments. The bottoms you wear at the office are different than the ones you would wear out to the club. Your pants can make or break your day. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but what about a person by their pants?

Every pair has had their moments in history, their times of glory and others have epically failed. Some have reached a novelty status. Remember bell bottoms? What were they thinking? Nonetheless many have tried, few have survived, even fewer shall endure the test of time. It’s really and quite literally a survival of the fittest.

Corduroy, capris, chaps, boot cut, slim fit, khaki, business, casual, business-casual, wool, cotton, skin tight, rayon, leg warmers, sequence, jogger, and, let us never forget MC. Hammer pants. That was a man of magnificent pants!  There is one, however, a hidden gem, or, diamond in the rough if you will in this world of the seemingly infinite leg coverings that has perhaps survived the longest and may outlive all the rest. Combining the best of all three worlds; comfort, fashion and usefulness what may have been the worlds best kept secret has managed to slip under the radar, until now. For many years these britches were worn in private and seldom ever saw the light day.

Now they’re coming out in a big way thanks to I Love Yoga!

I’m talking about the Yoga pants. Yoga pants are the new sex. They’ve been in the corner of everybody’s mind since time immemorial. Now everybody’s been talking about them, thinking about them, wanting them, living their lives if just to get one little fitting, just one leg slipped down slowly into a nice, soothing cottony, spandexy or blended pair of deliciously comfortable Yoga pants or other Yoga apparel.

Duncan Wong pants

Now with the I love Yoga brand, Yoga apparel and lifestyle clothing (including Yoga pants) you can say C’est la vie to the secrecy. Strip off your jeans or your skirt and be proud about your Yoga pants, maybe even flaunt them, be flashy, be bold, daring., take a risk. Walk around in style, with purposeful Yoga pants. Parade around the streets in style, loud and proud shouting “I love Yoga, and I love my Yoga Pants”!

Or you could just wear your Yoga clothing and accessories to class or whatever and, you know, continue on as you have been. That works too.

To purchase such awesome Yoga pants and Yoga accessories and clothing check out:

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