Looking Ahead With Lauren: Don’t Give Up On Your Resolutions!

calendarAs January rolls on, I am proud to be sticking with some of my resolutions so far. I have been doing yoga at least once a week and started at a new studio last week (love those Groupons!), am halfway through my cake decorating class, been working out more than usual and working on my no shopping month.

Resolutions and goals are essential to human nature. Most of us constantly would like to be better than we currently are. You know what they say: better, faster, stronger. The hardest part of goals and resolutions are two very important things: getting started and sticking with it. I know it is my nature to be nervous to try new things. As a kid, I never participated in sports teams or many clubs or extra-curricular activities. I wasn’t that interested in most of these activities but I was also too shy and nervous to try many new things also. Now I have gotten better, but isn’t it still nerve-wracking to try something new?

So how do you start goals and then actually stick with them? Here’s my tried and true advice:

1. Get a planner or use your smartphone to schedule your days. If your goal is to work out more, schedule time to run on the treadmill, head to the gym, or take a yoga class. I don’t know about you, but if I have it written down to do something in my planner, I will feel guilty if I don’t get it done.

2. Enlist the support of a friend. I like to schedule going to a yoga class with a friend. I find if I have to pick someone up to go to a yoga class or meet someone there, I am less likely to skip it because then I would be blowing them off. If I just schedule to go to yoga by myself, I am more likely to find an excuse to sleep in or do something else. This can work with any resolution: ask your friend to hold you accountable!

3. If you’re having trouble signing up for a new class or trying a new activity, ask a friend to join you. It makes me less nervous if I am trying something new if I have a great friend by my side. If you can’t find a friend who is interested to join you, just think that you could make a friend there! Also, if you have a blog or even Facebook and Twitter, write about how you are going to join that soccer team or take that scrap-booking class. That way, you face people busting your chops if you chicken out!

Please tell me: how do you ensure that you start your goals and then actually stick with them?

Lastly, on a similar note, another new goal I have is to read more and watch TV less! I used to read books before bed and now I regularly choose to watch re-runs of my favorites shows instead. Studies show that reading is much better for sleep… using any type of electronic device keeps you up. After I finish a few books I have to read, I’d love to pick up The Hunger Games!

What books are you dying to read?

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