Asana Addict Corner – Halfway Lift (Ardha Uttanasana)

asana-addict-poseTo me, Halfway Lift seems like the shy cousin in the family that doesn’t get talked to very much. It usually gets only an inhale’s worth of time spent with it, and then it’s on to Chaturanga. While it is mostly a transition pose, it is also an excellent hamstrings opener and postural-muscle strengthener. Ardha Uttanasana sets the stage for the postural alignment of Chaturanga (especially drawing the fronts of the shoulders back off the chest). If you can find the engagement of your outer upper arms here, you are more likely to keep it as you travel through your vinyasa!

Alignment Awareness:

  • Keep your feet active, with your toes lightly spread and arches lifted
  • Keep your knees unlocked, or even bend them to accommodate your hamstrings as they open over time
  • Shift your weight into the ball mounds of the feet, until the heels get lighter but don’t actually lift. This aligns the hips over the heels
  • Lift your sitting bones toward the ceiling and slightly tip the front of your pelvis forward
  • Draw your navel and upper rib cage in toward spine to engage core
  • Draw your shoulderblades down your back away from your ears and soften the thoracic spinal curve deeper into your body
  • Keep your neck long and neutral, looking slightly more downward, rather than all the way forward

Courtesy of:  Hana Riley Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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