Looking Ahead With Lauren: Cancer Prevention Starts Today

take-home-messageOkay, I will admit it. I’ve always been a bit of a scaredy-cat. I still close my eyes during scary movie previews and get paranoid driving home late. There are so many scary things out there in the world, but I do try to focus on the positive and happy parts of life. Even if you spend your days with the most positive and optimistic outlook, sometimes things happen that make you take a second look.

This month on ASKinyourface.com we are focusing on cancer prevention. I think everyone knows someone who has cancer or has lost someone to cancer. I am in both camps. Cancer is probably one of the scariest things life can throw at someone and I definitely always have that fear in the back of my head. We can’t always completely prevent ourselves from getting an illness or prevent something horrible from happening in life, but you can take positive steps to keep yourself healthy and safe.

Thankfully working here at ASKinyourface.com has definitely made me more aware of my health. I still do not have a perfect nutritional diet or work out every day, but I am more aware of my health and my body thanks to ASK. Here are some steps I take or work on taking to hopefully keep myself cancer-free:

1. Eat a healthy diet. I’ve been reading articles on how sugar is so bad for your health. Sure, I always knew this but I didn’t really know how much it played into cancer and that if you have cancer, you shouldn’t eat any sugar. Unfortunately, I have a big sweet tooth. I want dessert after lunch and dinner. This month I’ve been working on a goal of no shopping and I think next month I may tackle no sweets to see how it affects my health.

2. Exercise has so many benefits. The more I read, the more benefits I find for exercise! My goal has been to go to yoga at least once a week and I try to take advantage of the treadmill or elliptical in my basement a few other times a week. It can be hard in the winter months to exercise inside but if you make it fun, work out with a friend, or schedule workouts in your planner; you can do it! In a few months it will be spring again and you can bike, run, walk and enjoy the weather again!

3. Use organic products. Since working for ASK and reading articles on organic products, I try to incorporate more of these into my life. It is crazy to think how many dangerous chemicals can be lurking in your makeup, beauty and hygiene products! I have been slowly but surely working towards using all organic or natural beauty/hygiene products. I may never totally go organic, but I figure the less chemicals I put on or in my body the better!

4. Be kind and believe in karma. This may sound crazy to some people but if you believe in karma, you believe that the more good you give the more good you get back and vice versa. Be loving, gracious, kind and helpful and live your life happily. This will increase your mood, the mood of people around you and even keep you healthier. Sure, this philosophy doesn’t ensure you don’t get ill someday, but it certainly can’t hurt you.

Please join the conversation: Do you ever think about cancer prevention? What steps do you take to keep yourself healthy?

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  1. Great article, Lauren.
    Diet, exercise, organic foods and karma! Yes, yes, yes, I believe in all of those but one thing I’ve learned to believe more and more in (thanks to Allison) is peace … and laughter! Gotta laugh. :-) Love you girls.

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