Looking Ahead With Lauren: Goals For 2012

New-Years-Resolutions-2012Happy New Year everyone! 2012 is here. Some think that this is the last year we will ever see. Whether you believe that or not, you should still make this new year count! I am welcoming you to my new weekly column, tentatively titled “Looking Ahead With Lauren”. I will bring you all the things I am looking ahead (or forward) to: it could be a great new movie, a local event, new products I’ve found, an activity or hobby and the list can go on. I want this column to be as interactive as possible. This means you tell me what you’re looking forward to, what your future holds or even just what is on your mind or what you’d like me to write about!

For the first column of the year, this post is about none other than my resolutions. I think we always start thinking of new goals or resolutions when a new year rolls around. I’m the type of person that always like to think of new goals and not just at the start of a new year. Goals keep us accountable, feeling fresh and looking forward to new experiences and they help us better ourselves. Here is a list of things I’d like to do this year. I know I probably won’t be able to accomplish all of them, I may get lazy or complacent, or my list may change, but that is okay! Never beat yourself up if you’re trying. It is okay to slip up or forget your goals completely as long as you come back to them or start new ones. Make 2012 your year!

Lauren’s Goals for 2012 (in no particular order):

1. Visit Florida and go to Disney World. (Planning to do so in March!)

2. Train and run in a mini-marathon.

3. Participate in a walk or run towards Diabetes or Cancer.

4. Write a song and find someone to write music for it.

5. Climb a rock wall.

6. Visit Canada. (I’ve never been!)

7. Maintain a healthy diet and try to have no sweets for at least a month and see how I feel. (I definitely have a sweet tooth!)

8. Take a cake decorating class. (I am starting one this week and hope to continue to get better at baking and decorating!)

9. Try a Zumba class or other dance class.

10. Maintain a good yoga practice. I was starting to go weekly but then the holidays rolled around and I haven’t been in a few weeks. I am hoping to go at least once a week and exercise at home a few other days of the week.

11. Save, save, save! This year I have plans to buy a car and I simply want to earn enough money to be more financially independent. A goal that goes along with this is something I’d like to try this year: not shopping for at least a month and possibly beyond that. I love shopping but I think it would be good to take a break and really save my money.

12. Lastly, be a good friend/daughter/girlfriend/etc. and love more! I think it is always a good goal or resolution to be even better to the amazing people in your life.

Stewart-LaurenPlease tell me – what are your goals or resolutions for 2012? Do you always give yourself goals or find the whole idea silly? Give me your thoughts! Feel free to comment on this post or start a discussion on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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