Animal print pants outta control! – LMFAO

Do you like animal print? Do you like animals? Do you want to have both in your life?

While watching a movie on Christmas night (yes, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation…on TV = lots of commercials), I for some reason became enamored with the Tigers on the World Wildlife Foundation and instantly wanted to donate to their preservation. Well, actually, I wanted to adopt one. But then I realized that the picture they send to each ‘adopter’ is the same cat. (Yes, I really did think I would get to name it and follow its progression through life. Hmm-maybe I need a pet?!)

I’ve always had a love for tigers, leopards, cheetahs, panthers–any big cat really. Look at this face! Don’t you just want to wrap your arms around and give it a big hug?


I’m also drawn to animal prints–mostly in accessories, but as shown, you can find a pattern mimicking just about any animal on just about any article of clothing.



Two major take away points from this post (before I digress any further):

1. If you adore these gorgeous animals and the thought of them no longer existing sounds crazy to you, then DONATE to keep these creatures alive (all 3,200 of them in the world) or at best, increase their population.

2. If you find animal prints fun and want to incorporate a pattern into your wardrobe, remember this: it’s an attention grabber. So think about how loud you want to get and with what amount of print you are comfortable.

A small dose: a clutch

A big does: skinny jeans/leggings

A sophisticated look: flats

A sassy look: stilettos

A creative/trendy look: wedges

An attention grabber: animal print in an usual color (i.e. blue cheetah)

A dabble with the print: shorts with a solid counterpart









Here is the link to adopt an animal:

A quick screen shot shows you a small sampling of the endangered species–just about every cool animal you ever wanted to see when you were little.

(And if nothing else, remember, you can include your donation on your taxes.)


Courtesy of DRESS LP.
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