Sweet Victories For Animals! HSUS Heart Warming Animal Rescue Video Stories From 2011

Wayne Pacelle and The Humane Society of the Untied States have put together a beautiful retrospective video from 2011 – A year of heart warming animal rescue stories!

.. You made a difference for animals. You were a hero for the dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, wildlife, and so many more who desperately needed help.

That’s why, when you watch this year’s video about our most amazing victories for animals, you won’t just be watching another inspiring video — you’ll be watching an inspiring story about you.

Watch, Enjoy and Share! Happy New Year to you and your four-legged animal family members. How lucky they are to have you – how blessed you are to have them! Click here to watch the video..

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this video! I work at the HSUS, and even though I remember all of these victories as they happened, it’s still so amazing and impressive to see them all together. I’m so proud of everything that we were able to accomplish in 2011, and hope that we can do even more to help animals in 2012.

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