Rings, Gifts and Wedding Dresses, How To Find “The One.”

lena-piskorowskiI’m not sure where this post is going, but this ‘people being seen as clothes’ comment has been so apparent these past few days, that I can’t help but bring it to your attention.

Case # 1. I just read an email from a friend in which she sent me links to engagement rings she likes. As I clicked on the first one (with a trailing comment of ‘love this ring’), the biggest smile came across my face. Ah YES, this is the one. I’m thinking, ‘Doesn’t she already own this?’ (and then I asked her that) I mean, this is just SO her, it’s amazing. Yes, buy this. Get this one. Done deal. Close the book. Stop looking. Horray! The rest were all similar attempts, but it almost seemed like they were thrown in the email just to take up space, or to tell herself that there’s others that will work (but not as well).

Case # 2. Today I had a new client pick out his first custom shirt. His brother, who’s been a client for awhile, was sitting at the table too. The brother chimed in about what he thought was best, but it became apparent that his choices were ideal for him not for the one who would be wearing the shirt. As we combed through the swatches, I heard comments about how certain fabrics were so (insert names of friends)_. And I absolutely agree. I can just look at a swatch of material and see how it lends itself more to one person over another. You really do start to ‘see’ people in these potential clothes and accessories. It’s a very cool realization. It requires extracting yourself and your tastes, out of the picture.

This is something to keep in mind as you do your last minute holiday shopping. It’s not about you. It’s actually about removing YOU from the process. It’s about personalization. It’s bypassing what YOU want him or her to have, because it’s what you like, and instead, thinking about what you see that person enjoying. What makes you say, ‘That is SO _(fill in name of person to whom you are giving a gift) .’ not, ‘I really like this or have fun doing this, so I want to make that person like this too.’

When you truly start to think about the other person, the gift ideas become more apparent.

And # 3. I have found my wedding dress!! (Well, the main parts of it anyway, the finishing touches still need to be designed.) When my sister saw me in the dress, she said, ‘If people were clothes, you would be this dress.’)


Courtesy of Dress LP.

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