Inspired Beauty: Marilyn Monroe

Inspired- Beauty- Marilyn- Monroe

Iconic Beauty of Marilyn Monroe

The topic of Marilyn Monroe has always garnered attention and with the release of “My Week with Marilyn”, the iconic beauty is front page news once again. Fans will be mesmerized with Michelle Williams’s ability to capture the very essence of Marilyn’s character and may find themselves longing to rescue the innocent beauty that has inspired so many.

Marilyn Monroe’s beauty has been the inspiration for many products and although the legendary actress passed away almost 50 years ago, women today continue to duplicate her look.

Marilyn valued her beauty and was a devoted client of Dr. Erno Laszlo, a Hungarian born, American Dermatologist and pioneer in the cosmetic industry. Marilyn religiously followed Dr. Laszlo’s instructions, including his “water-wash” technique which involves splashing the face with comfortably hot water multiple times twice a day to flush out toxins, exercise the pores and accelerate cellular renewal. To get your prescribed Laszlo ritual visit the Erno Laszlo counter at Nordstrom Perimeter location in Atlanta today.

Marilyn loved to wear Chanel #5, her favorite perfume, and was known to add the fragrance to her bath water.

Marilyn’s red stained lips were the focal point of her face. Wearing red lipstick makes a statement, signifies confidence and in fact, a study recently conducted by scientists at Manchester University has shown that in the ten seconds after meeting a lady for the first time, the average man will spend more than half his time gazing at her mouth. If she is wearing red lipstick, he will be fixated on her lips for 7.3 seconds as compared to 6.7 seconds with pink lipstick.

Marilyn used five different lip products to perfect her pout – a lip pencil, gloss and different shades of red lipstick (darker red on outer corners and lighter reds in the middle of the lip to create dimension). To simplify her red lip look, prep lips with a concealer and lightly dust with powder. Line and fill lips with red pencil to prevent bleeding and provide staying power, then top with your favorite shade of red lipstick. Two of my favorite picks: Madame Rouge Red Velvet lip pencil, Dolce & Gabbana’s classic cream lipstick in Ruby.

Marilyn was a fan of liquid eye liner and it is said that she chose products and application methods to duplicate Greta Garbo’s eyes. To achieve her look use a white/light color shadow as a base with a darker beige/brown shade in the crease to create depth and use a shimmer/pearl shadow to highlight the inner corner of the eye and brow bone. Marilyn then used a liquid liner to draw a thin line from inner corner of the eye to outer corner of the eye, gently sweeping up and out. Using an eye pencil, draw a thin line close to base of bottom lashes from the iris to outer corner of the eye to create the illusion of a thicker lash line. Brighten the gap between liner on top and bottom with a white eye pencil. Finish eyes by curling and applying two coats of mascara or false lashes. My absolute favorite liquid eye pencil is the Magic Marker Eyeliner from Mirabella Beauty.

Marilyn was an excellent makeup artist and knew the secrets of highlighting and contouring to perfect her heart shaped features and create the look of luminous skin. Apply a highlight powder to areas that naturally catch light such as across top of cheek bones, down center of nose, on browbone and inner corner of the eyes, dip of cupids bow and along the highpoint of your collarbone. My favorite picks: Duwop Doubleglow and Mirabella Beauty’s Pure Finish.

Courtesy of: Kelly Kirby, Atlanta Beauty and Health Examiner

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  1. I actually remember Marilyn and her tragic, mysterious death, and she is definitely the most beautfiul woman that ever lived. Not only did she possesss incredible beauty, but an inner persona of naivite mingled with quite a bit of intelligence. No matter how many attempt to portray the starlet, they somehow fall short; no one can qualify.

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