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Dog-Rescue-And-AdoptionA dog named Honey found her hero this past summer. Honey was one of twenty dogs our Animal Rescue Team saved from dogfighting in Indiana this past July. She was weak and injured after spending most of her life either staked in a yard or fighting for her life in a bloody pit. She had a hole in her cheek to prove it.

Honey’s life was forever changed the day she met her hero in HSUS Animal Rescue Team member, Chris Schindler. The HSUS was brought in to assist in raiding the Indiana dogfighting ring where Honey had been forced to fight her entire life. Chris recalls how terrified she was when he first saw her trembling in her makeshift doghouse at the back of the house, and how taken aback he was when after only a few minutes of petting Honey was as loving and sweet as we all know dogs to be. She even trusted him to hold her in his arms and carry her to the safety of a nearby kennel. There, Chris and the rest of the team provided veterinary care, food, and — best of all — lots of love to help rehabilitate her and the other dogs they rescued that day.

Please watch Honey’s story and be a hero for animals like her today:

Several months have passed since Honey’s rescue, and we are happy to report that Honey has made a drastic recovery and is spoiled every day by her adoptive mother (even wearing pink sweaters to work!). Unfortunately, though, there are many more dogs and other animals like Honey waiting to be saved by heroes of their own.

Will you be a hero for these animals today? Watch Honey’s story and donate $25 — or whatever amount you can afford — and you’ll help save animals like Honey suffering at the hands of dogfighting rings, Canadian sealers, factory farms, puppy mills, and other forms of cruelty:

Thank you for all you do for animals.


Wayne Pacelle

President & CEO

The Humane Society of the United States

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