Update On U of M Inhumane Animal Testing

catExciting news!

Please read below, how PETA explains U of M has committed to stop using kittens for experiments and advancements in the name of medicine. They will be employing technology as so many other schools now do!

Thank you if you were one of those that sent a letter to U of M helping PETA to pressure them.

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Dear ASK Readers,

I have very exciting news to share about one of our campaigns to end university animal experimentation.

After more than a year of pressure from PETA and over 100,000 people–including students, alumni, and Michigan natives Iggy Pop and Lily Tomlin–wrote letters and led protests, the University of Michigan (U-M) has announced that it has replaced the use of cats in its Survival Flight training course for nurses with modern and superior human simulators. This means that cats will no longer have hard plastic tubes repeatedly forced down their delicate windpipes before being killed.

U-M’s announcement comes just one day after PETA released an exposé on how the school was buying lost, stolen, and homeless cats from a notorious animal dealer and revealed that school officials had lied to the public about the fate of the cats used in the course.

PETA will continue to urge U-M to end its trauma training laboratory that uses pigs and fully align its training curriculum with the guidance of medical experts and professional organizations that endorse the use of simulators as complete replacements for these cruel and archaic animal laboratories.

In the meantime, please take a moment of your time to urge St. Louis Children’s Hospital to follow in the footsteps of U-M and end the hospital’s use of animals for intubation training as well.

Thank you again for helping cats abused in laboratories and making this victory possible.






Justin Goodman, M.A.

Associate Director

Laboratory Investigations Department

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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