Acknowledgement and Appreciation

yoga“Everybody likes a compliment.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Acknowledgement and appreciation are cultural practices that we embrace at BV Yoga and Baptiste Yoga Institute. I can’t think of a better gift to give my loved ones this holiday season than to express my heartfelt acknowledgment and deep appreciation for who they are to me. Fear or insecurity can stand in the way of giving such acknowledgement. Perhaps we fear that we will look weird or that they may not take it the way we intend. But I believe that an authentic compliment can bring so much joy to people with such little effort.

Acknowledgement can be as simple as saying how beautiful someone’s smile is, that their outfit looks great on them, or how something they have done has enhanced your day. Giving appreciation and acknowledgement is a practice just like yoga. So why not try it on? Make a commitment to give at least one stranger a compliment today and see what happens. Then acknowledge someone you love and let him or her know how much you appreciate them.

I acknowledge each of you for taking on the practice of yoga. Your willingness to show up and courageously let your light shine gives others permission to share their shine and light up our world! I also acknowledge our amazing BV Team; I am honored and blessed to work with so many gifted and extraordinary human beings who are committed to making their lives and the lives of others brighter by being the example of what it means to live authentically, boldly and powerfully. I am so appreciative of each of you.

Through you I see that it is possible to grow and transform in the face of fear and challenges, to move beyond the daily highs and lows, and to love life everyday.

I wish you a very peaceful holiday season filled with love and joy!

With Much Love,

Kiersten Mooney

Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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  1. Kiersten, beautiful, as always.

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