How Risky Is It If I Eat…

vegetablesAccording to Health Magazine, there are some very common questions posed that you may have asked in regard to safety of foods in certain situations. Some of those are like this:

What If I don’t wash my bagged salad?

Despite having past scares, giving triple-washed bagged greens a rinse is not worth the trouble because they get a “power-shower” before they are packaged. You are more likely to re-contaminate the salad if you re-rinse if your hands are not completely clean. So, don’t bother and try to buy organic greens always.

Is it OK to eat runny egg yolks?

The official position is to cook eggs all the way through to avoid salmonella. You can make your eggs sunny-side up and lightly basted by putting a cover over the pan for 1-2 minutes for more thorough cooking.

Can I eat a food that has some mold on it if I remove the moldy parts?

It is best not to eat the food with any mold. It can spread quickly so there may be microscopic amounts of the mold spores in other areas of the food whether its a fruit, bread or meat. Now, if you find a strawberry or other berry in a container that has mold on it, you can throw out that one and eat the rest. You can also cut off the mold from hard and semi-soft cheeses and safely eat the rest of that portion. You should throw away a fruit or veggie with any mold because any mold growth on it makes the food more vulnerable than usual to harmful E.coli toxins when the skin is softer.

Is it safe to keep the food past its sell-by freshness date?

Those dates are about quality rather than safety, believe it or not. Your string cheese may not taste as good a week beyond its date stamp, but it won’t likely make you sick. Take a small smell-taste test first and your initial response will probably tell you whether to throw it away or not. If you still are not sure, then just throw it away since its better to waste a little money than get sick.

You may also check out a website called: which offers shelf-life estimates for hundreds of foods! Fruits and veggies should be used up as soon as possible because the longer you have it sitting in the fridge or counter-top, the more nutrients are lost thru time.

By Linda Wolschlager, Certified Nutrition Counselor, West Bloomfield, MI

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  1. Linda; thank you so much! I have been worried about my ‘washed three times’ bag of baby spinach ( eat a lot of it) and about the mold ( major allergy) on a piece of cheese, and safety dates…! I know about the egg part though; very helpful advice.

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