Help! Stop U of M From Inhumane Animal Testing

catOf all things to have to hear about and/or read this time of year, a time when we are supposed to be helping one another with caring, sharing, love and concern for those who can’t help themselves; people and animals, alike.

I’m steaming mad to hear that U of M is again doing horrid things with animals! Come on Michigan and jump into the next century. You don’t need to utilize kittens and puppies for experiments that can be simulated now a day with computers and modern technology. Especially, U of M. They have the resources for so much technology!

Please read below and take a minute to click and send this prewritten letter so that kittens and puppies have a chance at a better life — or just a fighting chance for a life.

Thank you,

Happy Holidays, Animal Joy

This cat, known only as “E8269,” was taken from an animal shelter and killed in U-M’s Survival Flight course.

I have a shocking update to share with you regarding our campaign to urge the University of Michigan (U-M) to end the abuse of animals in its Survival Flight training course.

PETA has just learned that U-M obtains cats for cruel intubation training exercises from R&R Research, a notorious animal dealer that is under federal investigation for repeatedly violating a law designed to prevent lost and stolen cats and dogs from being sold to laboratories. Cats whom this dealer has sold for use in experiments–including at least one sold to U-M last year–have been obtained from unsuspecting people giving away free kittens. Other cats sold to U-M have come from local animal shelters.

Also, new documents reveal that U-M lied about what it does with the cats used in its Survival Flight course. Instead of adopting them all out, as the university claimed, most were killed.

You can help cats by contacting U-M officials and respectfully asking them to immediately replace the animals used in these cruel and deadly training exercises with modern human-patient simulators.

Thank you for standing up for animals!

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  1. OMG – This sickens me! And this is not the first time I’ve heard about the horrible mis-treatment of precious animals at the hands of michigan universities. Recently, Wayne State was in the news for similar inhumane treatment of animals . What is wrong with these people!!!

  2. I hate animal cruelty!!!!!!

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