Holiday Party Fashion

It’s that time of year again. Holiday parties are already starting which means glitter and shiny things (plus my fave clothing item ever TIGHTS!!!!)

Here are a few outfit inspirations I created:


Also other fun odds and ends that would help make a cute outfit:


Great online shopping resources I love: - Greatest site ever! Lets you search for exactly what you need by size, color, brand, price everything. Also avoids the crap results that is the main issue with sites like google shopping and nextag - Awesome shoes but recently getting more and more handbags, all different price points and another great search engine - Topshop before it blew up and jacked up the prices 10-20%. But beware of the higher shipping costs - Has celebrity picks from Rachel Bilson, Rachel Zoe, ect. Small but good selection - Not for everyone. Vintage inspired clothing without being actual vintage. — Has good deals, but you have to really search for what you want. Also has an amazing search engine that let you select things like “material” and “type of embellishments” (like zippered, pockets, ect). Very cool.

Courtesy of Jutzabides.


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