No Excuses – Your Office Fitness Plan – Plus Workout Video

stretching-in-officeFor those of you who work full time and spend most of your weekday hours confined to a desk and chair, finding time to workout can be frustrating. Take a healing workout break!  Everyone needs to take a lunch break and if you’re not you should! Dividing your lunch break into healthy munching and a mini exercise session will support your fitness needs and leave you feeling nurtured and energized for the remainder of your work day. Here are a few easy things you can do to keep fitness a part of your work day.

Walk Bring comfortable shoes to work and walk on your lunch break for 10-15 minutes everyday! Walk inside, outside and up and down the stairs. Be sure to pump or swing your arms for optimal benefits. Enlist the support of a co-worker – buddy workouts are the best!

Get Strong with a full body workout using your desk, a chair or the wall. Do squats, plies, heel raises, leg lifts, and chest presses 3-5 days a week. Perform 2-3 sets of each exercise 12-20 times. Follow with 5 minutes of flexibility exercises to protect your muscles and joints from injury and to relieve muscular tension. For squats, plies and heel raises hold lightly onto the back of your chair or the edge of your desk.  For chest presses use the back of your chair or a wall.  Sit up straight in your chair (belly tight) and perform knee or leg lifts with arm reaches to strengthen your core. Finally, stand up and reach your arms toward the ceiling, hold for 5 seconds then fold your body over your legs and just hang. You’re done!

ball-workoutMy favorite office fitness tip: Replace your desk chair with a giant exercise ball. Your core muscles will get stronger and your back will love you for it!

Eat Well at Work Brown bag it most days of the week for lunch and snacks. Pack a sandwich on whole grain bread, pita or lavash. Fill it with your favorite lean meats, a veggie burger or tofu with lots of mixed lettuces and fresh veggies. Use hummus, mustard or low fat mayo. For snacks pack extra veggies, fruit, low fat yogurt or kefir, mixed nuts with a few raisins, dates and other dried berries. Be prepared and stock up on healthy snacks and lunch foods on the weekends. This is very important! Keep a low calorie energy bar in your purse or desk at all times and Always keep a refillable water bottle on hand!

Breathe Please Take a deep breather 2-3 times a day to regroup, re-energize and reduce stress at work. Even if you have to do it on the toilet- just do it!  Sit quietly with your eyes closed and take 5 deep slow inhales and exhales through your nose with your mouth closed. Each inhale and exhale should be 3-5 seconds long.

Practice loving kindness, smile often and say hello to everyone – it’s good for your soul!

Be informed…Be inspired…Be fit for your future

Get Fit: Head-to-Toe Workout:

My Love For Great Music (Bonus) Allison’s Wonderful World Playlist

No Excuses! Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit During The Holidays

Get Your Best Workout At Home

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