Powerhouse Dec. 5th Class Update (Bonus! Health Tips & Workout Videos For The Holidays)

For all of you fit and fabulous women who take my 830 am Body Conditioning class on Monday mornings at Powerhouse Gym! I will not be teaching this Monday am Dec. 5th. I will however, be working out with Q on “Get Fit” down at Fox News Detroit at 745 am and 845 am. Also, please join me next Friday am Dec. 9 at 830 for a one hour 1980′s style “Stretch and Tone” workout with a yoga and callenetics flair here and there! (Remember the good ole days?”) If we enjoy the workout, perhaps the bosses at PH will make it a regular scheduled class. No equipment needed! Just bring your own mat! Hope to see you there! Have a great week – Allison

Healthy Tips For The Holiday: 

Take good care of yourself this winter by following these simple rules:
1 – Get plenty of rest – Stay home if you are not feeling well – for your sake and ours!  Eat a variety of fruits and veggies and healthy whole grains.
3-  DRINK WATER! Aim for one half of your weight in ounces everyday. That means: if you weigh 130 pounds – Drink 65 ounces of water everyday – preferably filtered water!
4-  Take your daily supplements (check with your doctor first to avoid any contraindications with other medications, etc.)
5-  Chill out on the alcohol, sugar, salt and unhealthy fats. Basically, be nice to your body! Reduce unhealthy belly fat!
6-  Remain vigilant and CONSISTENT with your workouts – this is the best way to protect your body from injury and illness. “Consistency of practice is the secret to success”
With love and warm wishes for a wonderful, healthy holiday season!  Allison

Get fit at home with these great workouts from Askinyourface.com:

Your Body Weight Workout At Home (Video)

Yoga Moves For You to Practice At Home (Video)

Get Your Best Workout At Home

No Excuses! Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit This Holiday Season

Get Fit With The Bosu and Step At Home (Video)

Get Fit At Home Weighted Hula Hoop (Video)

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  1. Thank you! And Allison, if you’re around, then thanks so MUCH for the opportunities to see videos.

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