Belly Fat – Getting Rid of It

sugar-cookiesAccording to some recent studies on weight loss, eating low carb may have benefits even beyond weight loss. During an 8 week regimen that was designed to achieve weight maintenance and then an 8 week weight-loss plan, overweight people followed a diet containing either 43% carbs or 55% carbs and less fat.

During the maintenance phase of the test, the lower-carb group lost more belly fat than the others and they lost more total body fat during weight loss than the other participants too.

Carbs raise your blood insulin levels and insulin impairs the fat burning effects.

In a different study that was done in this subject matter using mice, they found that the ones that were predisposed to a breast cancer gene were fed a low carb diet with high protein levels (15% carbs). The results were that they were half as likely to develop tumors as were mice fed a standard diet of 55% carbs.

The reason for this result is that cancer cells feed on sugar and cause them to multiply more than normal cells. This being said it is highly recommended to avoid foods that are quickly broken down into glucose like refined flours, fruit juices, white rice or potatoes (white) and sweet desserts.

Of course we know that refined flours and sugars are always a No-No on any diet regimen whether you are trying to lose fat or not. The more researchers learn about the cancer-sugar connection, it stands to reason to try abstain from those foods — not only to help with belly fat, but more importantly a stronger defense against cancer.

Those who unfortunately have been diagnosed with any kind of cancers can research all the information about the defense of eating absolutely no sugars at all, even being careful of eating fruits with high sugar content.

By Linda Wolschlager, C.N.C.

248-752-0109/The Nutrition Advisor,

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