Aren’t All Vitamins The Same?

vitaminsBefore I go on to explain the 3 types of vitamins, I want to say that there is such a HUGE difference between buying a synthetic vitamin and a whole-food vitamin. The biggest difference is the way you feel. People have told me that they don’t feel different on the vitamins they are taking. There IS a reason for this. It’s because usually the vitamin they are taking is synthetic and potentially toxic to the body. The live enzyme in the synthetic vitamin never existed, therefore your body does not benefit from the vitamin and enzymes are the keys to health and nutrition.

Why Can’t I Just Get The Cheap Vitamins?

I truly believe that you “get what you pay for.” I also believe that what you put into your body needs to be the highest quality that is available. So many times, we miss the mark of where to spend our money. We pay $5.00 for a cup of Starbucks coffee, but will complain about spending an extra $1.00-$2.00 on organic food! It is the same for vitamins. If you truly want to feel different and put a supplement that is going to feed and improve your cell’s health, it needs to be an organic, whole food vitamin.

Don’t They All Do The Same Thing?

Below is a list of the 3 types of vitamins and where you would find them:

1. Test Tube or Synthetic (**Usually drug store or discount store vitamins)-made in a test tube in a lab, to resemble the real thing. This is toxic to the body and does more harm than good.

**Imagine a Plastic Lemon from the store with juice in it. This is the Plastic lemon with NO juice. That is basically what you are eating if you take this type of vitamin!

No enzymes


Inorganic substances


Side Effects

Can actually be more harmful to your health to take!

2. Crystalline or Extracted (**Usually a health food store variety)-These start out natural, but are heated through processing, so all live enzymes are killed. You end up with a partially live vitamin, if live at all. Most of these have harsh binders and fillers, plastic coatings, and some contain tar.

**This is the Plastic Lemon with juice. IF you can get past the plastic coating, there is a little bit of real stuff there. However, the juice has been heated so it’s not really like drinking it fresh squeezed.

Weak enzymes

Uses chemical and heat extraction

Organic substances (low quality raw materials)



Harsh binder and fillers

3. Natural/Unaltered such as Brands like Nutrilite from Amway which is Certified Organic, Isagenix, Max International and many others you can ask me about, are cold pressured to extract the vitamins, all enzymes remain alive so you get something as close to nature as possible.

**This is the REAL lemon…unaltered and fresh. What’s inside is alive and natural.

Strong enzymatic action

Low heat, low pressure process

Organic substances

Feeds and improves cell’s health


Contains essential unknown nutrients

**X brands need only 10% natural ingredients to legally be classified as “All Natural.” So you see, that that term does not mean organic or whole food complex.

If you have questions about which brands are right for your particular need, please contact me any time at: and I would be happy to talk to you!

Have a Wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah and I will talk to you in January, 2012.

Linda Wolschlager/The Nutrition Advisor

Certified Nutrition Counselor/Wellness Coach

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  1. Thanks ASK for this.
    I just wrote to Linda to ask her about my vitamins?

  2. Linda – this was really eye opening. I am not a big fan of swallowing pills so I like to take a gummy or chewable vitamin… any good ones out there you’d recommend me checking out? Right now I buy from the drugstore and I didn’t realize they weren’t good for you, yikes!


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