Stuff Yourself With Goodness This Holiday Season

“Stuff yourself with goodness; fill yourself up FULL; with everything delicious and let the leftovers go…”

Over and over again; all week long these words have been rolling off my tongue. Perhaps not the most profound but deeply heartfelt and soul driven. Coming together, being with one another, just inches apart on our yoga mats, proved to me once again; that conscious breathing with movement brings about the knowing that we are filled with love, we are loved and we are okay!  The chaos and excitement of the holiday season often smothers us with nervous tension, stress and anxiety. My answer to the insanity? Breathe bigger, deeper, wider and stronger than you think you can, than you think is needed – often! Consciously breathe everyday; on your mat, while taking a walk, swimming laps (my saving grace), or in the bathtub. Don’t worry about the quality of your breath – just feel it fill you up. Listen in and let your breath do it’s natural job. You will begin to notice and feel your lightness and brightness – the true essence of you. This ancient breathing, moving system  assists us in letting go of fear, and negativity, making way for love and compassion. When we feel love and kindness for ourself  we begin to know our truest self. When we turn off the noise in our heads, let go of the distractions and challenges of our everyday life – we can finally breathe and get to know ourselves again and be our true comfortable self. Yes, what a relief! Again; whether this time with you is 5 minutes or an hour, on a yoga mat or in a closet – breathe in solitude everyday!

This week I encouraged and guided my students to fill themselves up with goodness. Allow every inhale to lift you up and let everything else flow out with the exhales. Each day I noticed anxious, tense faces and bodies soften and relax. Near the end of our practice there were tears – more tears than usual. Tears are good. We desperately need to let this stuff flow out. Ahhh… but then there were smiles. Beautiful, genuine – loving smiles.

Today and everyday; this is what I am grateful for; my breath, my body and the glorious gift of consciously bringing them together. I am thankful for each day that I am able to feel my strong spirit, my joy and love for everyone that I love and care for. This is where my head has been lately. So, in the spirit of joy and love, breath and movement; I wish you a yummy Thanksgiving and holiday season! Now, go stuff yourself with goodness – fill yourself up! Namaste.

With love, Allison

Enjoy my “Wonderful World” playlist for the week!

Wonderful World – James Morrison

Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

Wild World – Cat Stevens

Stop This Train – John Mayer

Sideways – Citizen Cope

Over My Head – The Frey

Breathe In Breathe Out – Mat Kearney

Best Days  - Graham Colton

It Hasn’t Been Long Enough – Eric Hutchinson

Let Your Light Shine – Keb’ Mo’

I Am – Guru Singh – with Seal & Friends

The Joy Of Blessing Everything

First Ever ASK Holiday Cookbook

No Excuses! Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit This Holiday Season 

Breathing 101 

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