21 Day Yoga Challenge Recap

yoga-posesThank you for participating in our 21 Day Yoga Challenge! We hope you enjoyed it and it got you back on your mat, more relaxed, and feeling healthier in mind and body. This post shares all of the yoga practices from each day in case you missed one or plan to continue watching, enjoying, and doing these videos. Namaste!

Day 1 – 45 Minute Fun Flow Sequence

Day 2 – 15 Minute Morning Sequence

Day 3 – 20-Minute Core Focus

Day 4 – 30-Minutes Aligning and Refining Practice Standing Poses

Day 5 – 30-Minute Peak Pose Sequence Hanumanasana

Day 6 – 30-Minute Tension Release Hip Openers

Day 7 — 20-Minute Evening Sequence

Day 8 — 45-Minute Fun Flow

Day 9 — 15-Minute Morning Sequence

Day 10 — 20-Minute Core Focus

Day 11 – 30-Minute Aligning and Refining Practice

Day 12 — 30-Minute Peak Pose Sequence

Day 13 — 20-Minute Tension Release

Day 14 — 20-Minute Evening Sequence

Day 15 — 45-Minute Fun Flow

Day 16 — 15-Minute Morning Sequence

Day 17 — 20-Minute Core Focus

Day 18 — 30-Minute Aligning and Refining Practice Forward Bends

Day 19 — 30-Minute Peak Pose Sequence Wheel Pose

Day 20 — 30-Minute Tension Release Side Bends

Day 21 — 20-Minute Evening Sequence

Big thanks to Yoga Journal for posting these videos! Check out all the information on the 21 Day Yoga Challenge from Yoga Journal here.

Please let us know if you practiced our 21 Day Yoga Challenge and what you thought of it and let us know what yoga posts you’d like to see in the future by emailing us at info@askinyourface.com or checking us out on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Great Job putting this Yoga Challenge together Lauren! I followed along with the flows everyday and shared them with my students. Great fun and inspiration. Namaste – Allison

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