Beautiful Faces With and Without Makeup

Day 2 of a bachelorette party last weekend, the girls and I had so much fun getting all dolled up by professionals. Some girls love doing their makeup, others get creative with their hair or experiment with their clothes. Regardless of which kind of girl you are, it’s always a treat to have someone else ‘get you ready.’ For a moment, we all imagined what it would be like to have this be a daily luxury–to know that virtually every time you leave the house, a team of professionals have primped you to perfection…conjuring up something that might otherwise be impossible for you to do on your own.

I don’t wear makeup everyday. Unless I have client appointments or an event, I feel as though I can bop around town without ‘my face’ on. Recently, that has been backfiring on me. I’ll run into the Apple store, grab groceries or pick up carryout…be having a less than ideal acne moment, and sure enough, run into everyone from a work contact I recently met to a guy from high school. Awesome. Then I think, I am getting older; I’m a professional, damnit–I really need to grow up and get serious about makeup.

…but then I came across this special on Barefaced Beauties–Celebrities Without Makeup…and saw that I’m in good company. :) (Aside from that Pamela Anderson shot-eek.)

celebrities-without-makeupPhoto by Photo Agency

Here are some photos of my glammed-up old college roommates and me from this past weekend. They don’t look a day over freshman year, right?!





And just for fun…here is a video on how to master the cat eyes look…using Scotch tape! **Disclaimer! I have not personally tried this out, but it does make sense and the result is spot on.

How to Be a Girl: Cat Eyes By Magic! from The Hairpin on Vimeo.

Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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