8 Classic Holiday Foods: Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em?

When it comes to certain classic holiday dishes, not everyone is on the same page. In fact, we’ve noticed that certain holiday foods (turkey, eggnog, etc.) seem to be particularly polarizing — you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, we want to know what you think about some of the most supposedly beloved holiday foods.


fruit-cakeWhy some people love it: This spicy, fruity and often boozy holiday staple is one of the most controversial on our list. People love it because when made right, this nostalgia-evoking spiced cake studded with candied fruits and nuts is like the perfect bite of Christmas in your mouth. Plus, upside: The boozier varieties may actually get you a bit tipsy after eating it.

Why some people loathe it: Although fruitcake is popular with aunts and grannies as one of the most mail-able X-mas gifts (because of its slow spoilage rate), it also means it’s often hard as a rock when you first bite into it. Many detractors complain about the cake’s dry texture and “icky” gummylike fruits laced throughout.

Glazed Ham

glazed-hamWhy some people love it: Uh, who doesn’t love ham?! It’s smoky, sweet, indulgent and, accordingly, terrible for your waistline. Sounds like a perfect holiday food to us! Besides, it wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without one.

Why some people loathe it: Texturally ham can be chewy and gummy, and sometimes has that not-so-appetizing lunchmeat aftertaste. Plus there are so many other more appealing types of meat that can be served for the occasion: from lamb to prime rib to roast chicken. In this day and age, glazed ham seems just a little too retro.

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole

sweet-potato-marshmallow-casseroleWhy some people love it: As a kid, when your mom put marshmallows on top of anything, you ate it. So it’s no surprise that as adults, many of us still have much love for this kitschy holiday dish that reeks of Americana. Plus, sweet-potato fans seem to love sweet potatoes any way they can get them.

Why people loathe it: Marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes? Um, gross. The combo of these two ingredients is too sickly sweet for some, with wonky texture to boot.


Thanksgiving Turkey

turkeyWhy some people love it: What would Thanksgiving be without the turkey?! When made correctly, roast turkey can be super flavorful and juicy, but even when it’s not, it’s a perfect excuse to go nuts with the gravy.

Why some people loathe it: Snoozers. Of all the protein options available, why settle for the blandest, driest, most boring choice out there? Eating this unexciting, flavorless dish once a year is about all we can stomach.


Cranberry Sauce

cranberry-sauceWhy some people love it: Besides the tradition/nostalgia factor, it adds just the right amount of sweetness to a bite full of turkey and gravy. And while most people prefer the homemade stuff to its bizarre gelatinous cousin, many eaters (and probably some hipsters) dig its ironic retro appeal.

Why some people loathe it: One part condiment, one part side dish, this traditional Thanksgiving staple was ruined forever when the processed canned version made waves back in the 1950s. Plus, the jiggly stuff is basically like eating an Ocean Spray Jell-O Shot without the booze. Gross.


eggnogWhy some people love it: Basically, it’s just straight-up delish. This creamy, boozy X-mas drink of choice has its origins in medieval England, although because milk was expensive and hard to get, it was consumed mostly by aristocracy. But when the drink crossed over to America in the 18th century, the abundance of dairy products coupled with the availability of cheap rum made it extremely popular in the U.S. We’re guessing another plus was that it’s a great way to drink on the sly, since to an onlooker it appears that you’re just having a glass of milk. Sneaky…

Why some people loathe it: To many folks, mixing milk with booze is not a winning combo. Plus the widely consumed carton variety of the stuff has a bizarre aftertaste not present in the homemade version. If you’re not a fan of dairy with your booze, this holiday drink of choice is probably not your cup of tea.

Green Bean Casserole

green-bean-casseroleWhy some people love it: Topping vegetables with a creamy sauce and crispy fried onions is a no-fail way to get kids to eat their veggies, so this dish is an obvious favorite among parents and kids. But many other peeps dig the creamy crunchy side dish for its flavors and textures as well as the nostalgia factor.

Why some people loathe it: Ok, any dish that calls for a can of Campbell’s Soup as its sauce is just flat-out nasty. Invented in 1955 by a Campbell’s Soup staffer, this concoction served the needs of busy housewives in the ’50s and ’60s who “always had green beans and cream of mushroom soup on hand.” But in our current era of increased food awareness, why would anyone choose to have their veggies smothered by a creamy puddle of processed ingredients?


turduckenWhy some people love it: Three meats is better than one … duh! This delicious combo of turkey, chicken and duck is a much tastier option than plain old turkey on its own. But where did this bizarro dish come from? The concept of roasting nested birds is centuries old, but one writer credits a specialty meats shop in Louisiana for popularizing the dish in the U.S.

Why some people loathe it: Chicken + duck + turkey = too much going on. The idea of stuffing birds inside the other is not exactly appetizing to many holiday diners who prefer to eat one animal at a time.

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