Ace: Mourning a Tragedy, and Where We Go From Here

Ace-the-dogYesterday night, we all heard the heartbreaking news that Ace, the emaciated Pit Bull found at a hardware store in Detroit and brought to Detroit Animal Control, had been euthanized following his state-mandated four-day stray hold, despite the best efforts of MHS and other animal welfare groups. MHS had urged DAC and city officials to have Ace released into our care, but were told that DAC would not budge from their policy to not release pit bulls or pit bull mixes to any organization or individual other than the original owner.

Still heartbroken, we must now focus on the lessons Ace can teach us.

It’s important to let Ace remind us that today there are thousands of animals right here in southeastern Michigan who are lost, abused, neglected or simply in need of a new, loving home. Let’s make a difference for them right now!

We can’t underscore enough the importance of making sure our beloved pets have proper identification; starting with collars and tags but also including microchips. These simple investments can ensure that thousands of dogs and cats each year stay connected to their families and are not lost, alone, confused and suffering on the streets.

Ace’s death has shown that it’s now more important than ever for animal welfare organizations, rescues, pet lovers and the community at large to work together for the benefit of the animals. No matter how large or how small, we all have a part to play in making a better future for animals here in our community. This problem is far too large for any one organization — only by working together, and not against each other, can we put an end to stories like these.

Today, as we mourn Ace, let’s make sure that his death was not in vain. Let us make this moment when things changed for the better. Let us say that this was a moment where we as a community stood up to say that no longer will we allow dogs to go hungry. No longer will we allow ours to be a community where dogs are neglected or abused. No longer will we allow our cities to be havens for people who fight dogs for profit.

So get involved today: Adopt. Donate. Volunteer.



Cal Morgan

President and CEO

Courtesy of the Michigan Humane Society.

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