21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 13 – 20 Minute Tension Release

Today’s yoga practice is only 20 minutes for your 21 Day Yoga Challenge. It is all about releasing tension in your neck and shoulders – where most people hold all of their stress. This is a gentle seated practice that teaches you shoulder openers. You should feel very relaxed and have less tension where you hold it most when you’re finished. Keep going strong! Don’t forget to comment or email us at info@askinyourface.com to keep us posted on your yoga challenge.

Courtesy of Yoga Journal.

Today here are some great articles to go with your gentle yoga practice:

A Special Soup Story (Recipe included)

Ten Ways to Bring Your Inner Child Out to Play

The Power Of Words

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  1. I am ever so grateful to you and to dearest Allison for posting this wonderful journey.

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