21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7 20-Minute Evening Sequence

Congratulations! After today, if you’ve kept up with our 21 Day Yoga Challenge, you’ve been doing yoga for a week straight. Doesn’t it feel good? Today’s practice is 20 minutes and designed to relax you this Monday evening. Get home from work, ask someone in your family to watch the kids, turn off the TV, do whatever you have to do to get rid of distractions for 20 minutes and do some feel-good yoga. Unwind with this gentle practice, all about yoga moves on the floor. Please update us on how your first week of yoga has been going or ask for advice and tips by emailing us at info@askinyourface.com!

Courtesy of  Yoga Journal.

Here are all the fabulous yoga practices for your first week of the challenge:

Day 1: 45 Minute Fun Flow

Day 2: 15 Minute Morning Sequence

Day 3: 20 Minute Core Focus

Day 4: 30-Minutes Aligning and Refining Practice Standing Poses

Day 5: 30-Minute Peak Pose Sequence Hanumanasana

Day 6: 30-Minute Tension Release Hip Openers

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