21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1 – 45 Minute Fun Flow Sequence

Yesterday we introduced you to our new 21 day series: Get Back On The Mat: 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Just like Lauren on our team, you may be interested in yoga but have every excuse in the book not to try it. They say doing something for 21 days straight makes it a habit, so do something special for your mind and body and make yoga your new habit!

Today is the first sequence of your journey and it begins with a fun flow (each video comes from Yoga Journal with experienced and kind yoga teachers). Take 45 minutes out of your busy schedule today to start your yoga practice. Don’t miss a new video everyday here on ASKinyourface.com! Let us know how your 21 day yoga journey is going by commenting on posts that you enjoy or with any questions you may have!

Courtesy of Yoga Journal.

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