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yoga-poseTeaching at the Baptiste Power Yoga Immersion and Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park last month was beyond incredible.  I learned so much about myself, what I can handle as a teacher, and what I can handle as a student – all of which has opened me up to possibilities beyond what I had ever envisioned.

One of the source principles of the Baptiste Yoga methodology is empowerment.  Many people have an immediate interpretation when they hear the word power,” especially when it is combined with yoga in “power yoga.” I realized that truly being in my power has nothing to do with force, or needing to “do,” or preparing to be more ready than I already am.  In fact, the more I stand in my power, the more love, ease, grace, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance I have for myself and others.  This spills into the relationships I create, my teaching and my life.  The truth is, we can’t empower others unless we embody being powerful within ourselves.

We are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  Don’t shy away from your power.  Playing small serves no one.  Take a risk and be BOLD.  Demand more than you thought possible and live the life you want to live.  Every moment is an opportunity to give up fears, insecurities and self-doubt in order to empower yourself in the NOW moment.

This practice gives access every moment to choose how you want to create yourself, your relationships, and your community.  Being powerful is being of service to others, putting your personal preferences aside, and being in alignment with your deepest intuition.

This is it.  This is life.  Be curious as to why you may not be living it with passion and enthusiasm!

I am so grateful for our powerful Bala Vinyasa Yoga and Baptiste communities.  Together there is nothing we cannot do!  Cheers to the power of the universe that exists in each and everyone of us.  Tap into it NOW!

With Much Love,

Kiersten Mooney

Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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  1. Empowerment! As always, Kiersten, you are right on target, and I gratefully thank you for this post.

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