Crafting Your Own Seasonal Spirits

cider-vodka-martini‘Tis the season! For cider, that is. If you like fizzy things and you’re lucky enough to find unpasteurized cider, you might be able to make applejack (a.k.a. hard cider). In order to have that happen, though, you’ll have to drink a mugful of cider from the jug and then be patient for several weeks while the remaining cider does its fermentation thing. Disclaimer: your cider could conceivably explode during this process. That’s never happened to me, but it is a distinct possibility. You certainly want to hold your jug of cider over the sink when you reopen it just in case. Or you could drink/cook with/bake with your cider fresh and unfermented and not worry about any of that.

But if you do find the idea of turning cider into an adult beverage, you have another option: make cocktails with it. Again, you’ll skip the possibly messy fermentation process, plus you won’t have to wait for weeks before enjoying your kicked-up cider. Plenty of cocktails depend on fruit juice as their main ingredient – why not use cider for yours? Especially if you live in Michigan where some of the world’s tastiest apples are grown!

Iced Cider Vodka Martini
This makes a single martini. If you’d like to serve several, it’s best to make them in single-serving batches rather than trying to overfill the jar. (An overfilled jar can’t be shaken very well.)

4 ice cubes
4 shots cider
1 shot vodka
Dash vanilla extract
1 cinnamon stick, snapped in half or into a few pieces

Find an empty capped jar, preferably one that doesn’t give much indication of what it used to hold. (Salsa and spaghetti sauce tend to leave fragrant marks on their jars – once a jar has held salsa, you’ll always be able to whiff and tell.)

Pour/place all ingredients in the jar and shake it as hard as you can. Pour into a pretty martini glass and serve immediately. Note: you can leave the cinnamon stick in the martini as a decorative element, or you can pour the martini through a small sieve and strain out the cinnamon.

Enjoy the season!

Courtesy of Cultured Cook.

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