Importance of Being a Good Role Model

lauren-and-cousinsThe other day I was at a local festival watching my cousin (9-years-old) compete in the talent show. She showcased her amazing skills in Scottish dancing (something she’s only been doing for almost a year) and won first place! I was so proud!

After, I was chatting with my other cousin (11-years-old) and her best friend. Her friend asked if I was Lauren and when I said yes, she told me that my cousin talks about me all the time. “Good things I hope?” I said with a wink. She said yes and my cousin just smiled.

It definitely warmed my heart to hear that my cousin talks about me to her best friend and shares stories about how we eat fruit the same way and funny things I’ve said. Being an only child and not quite used to the antics of siblings, I sometimes get annoyed with my cousins but I will always love them for who they are.

It also reminded me how important it is to be a good role model. Whether you are a celebrity and always in the news or a regular person with siblings, cousins, or nieces and nephews, it is important to share good lessons with the kids in your life and to be your best self.

You never know who is watching you or looking up to you. It could be your younger relatives or it could be someone you don’t even know that well. A good tip is to never do or say anything around people you wouldn’t want them repeating about you.

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