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Yeah you heard it right, Facebook is changing again. No, its not only the new Timeline on the side or the way pictures are larger or the changes to the Newsfeed. Facebook will look totally and completely different on October 3, 2011. Before you start complaining, let me take you through the new changes to give you a little taste before your profile up and changes on you again!

As far as I know, the Newsfeed won’t change too much since it has already been changing lately. You have the new ultra-stalker Timeline on the right-hand side, the new lists to organize your friends, and Top and Recent Stories making up the bulk of your Newsfeed.

The real changes happen when you head to your profile page. As you can see in the photo (below), you are allowed to choose one big “Cover Photo”. This is not your profile picture. Your profile picture is the small photo by your name. You can still easily change both of these pictures, but I think the Cover Photo is more of a permanent placeholder for a photo to describe your life.

Next, on the upper right-hand side, you see a list of years and months. Facebook is now trying to act as sort of a scrapbook, detailing events from when you were born up until today. You can now go back and read status updates, job changes, friend activity, and more from when you started Facebook to this very moment.


You can also now view a log of your activity, that is private and for your eyes only. You can see every message, wall post, and comment you write, etc. It is kind of a neat way to remember the past!

The whole look of your profile is very different as well. Your basic information is listed at the top right under your profile picture and next to your recent photos. All of your status updates and wall posts are below in two columns and the photos are much larger. You can scroll down as far as you’d like and Facebook keeps track of the dates for you!

All in all, I like the changes to the profile page. I am still getting used to the Newsfeed where I feel they are trying to act too much like Twitter, but I can deal with it. Facebook still rules the world. If you want to update to the new Facebook early like I did, just follow the instructions on this website.
What do you think about these changes? Tell me your thoughts!

Courtesy of Lauren’s Thoughts.
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