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couple-in-loveI’ve written on how to be a great girlfriend, but being a great girlfriend is worthless if you don’t have the right guy.

Here are some traits you need in a boyfriend:

1. He’s always supportive, but honest. There are enough people in the world that try to bring you down or scoff at your goals. Your sweetie should support you in all things you want to do, but be honest enough to tell you when something you want to do really is dangerous to yourself or others.

2. He may never understand you, but he tries and accepts you. I don’t think boys will ever understand the brain of a girl (I don’t understand my brain half the time!) but the least he can do is accept you for who you are and love every part of you (even the crazy parts!).

3. He is attractive…to you. If you always go for the super model types, you will miss out on a lot of great guys. Finding a guy that is gorgeous isn’t everything…but finding a guy that you’re attracted to means a lot. If you don’t think your guy is hot stuff, you won’t last very long, even if he’s the greatest guy on the planet.

4. He listens but also talks. A guy that never lets you get a word in would be annoying, but a guy that never talks about himself would also be frustrating. Try to strike a good balance and make sure both of you feel that you’ve communicated enough and properly.

5. He isn’t controlling or a hot-head. Sure, we all have bossy moments or times when our temper flares up. But a deal-breaker for me would be if the guy I’m with tried to control my life and started to tell me what to do, then if I didn’t listen, got angry or even physical. Never stay in a relationship if he starts to hurt you, no matter what! If he won’t let you have a life outside your relationship, that is also a good warning sign you should break it off.

6. You have things in common and have fun together. A great relationship usually starts when you are friends first. People become friends because they have hobbies or personality traits in common and enjoy each other’s company. Try new things together to keep a relationship fresh!

7. Lastly and most importantly, he truly loves you and makes you feel safe, loved, and treats you with respect and kindness!

What do you think makes a good boyfriend or husband? Tell me about your guy who possesses all these amazing traits and why you’re the luckiest girl in the world!

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