What Really Matters Most?

bala-vinyasa-yoga-teamThis past month I assisted Baptiste Level 1 teacher training in NY, as well as attended the lululemon athletica Ambassador Summit in Vancouver.  I am in awe of the commitment to creating bold leaders and building relationships in both organizations.  What I realized is that what matters most are the relationships that are created in my life.

Our dear friend and coworker, Luzmaria Lopez, was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.  There is nothing like looking at someone you love and knowing they do not have much time, to bring you ever so present with them.  I listened to Luzmaria more purely than I have ever listened.  I want to be there for her, listen so generously and acknowledge her for who she is to me more than ever before.  I was saddened that it took her literally dying to realize how much I wasn’t doing these things from a pure space. Now I am present to the possibility of creating this in all of my relationships.

Everyone around me is a reflection of humanity, who I am, and who I am being for others.  Some people reflect love, joy, happiness and possibility, while others may bring up fear, guilt, shame, sadness and anger.  The key is using the tool of inquiry to practice being curious of why I am feeling a certain way instead of judging or reacting to others or myself.  In challenging moments I must walk through the emotional fire, stay with the feeling, then move through for the fear to dissolve.  In other words, being fully expressive, listening generously, and speaking straight, even when I don’t want to.

How I feel about myself is a direct correlation to how I feel about others and ultimately how they feel about me.  Separation comes from thinking we are different, or not understood, that something is wrong, or we are not loved; all of which causes separation of self from others, self from self, and self from source.  It limits us from living the life we love and from full expression.  The practice of yoga creates connection — connection with ourselves, others, and all that exists.

Death is the ultimate teacher and is inevitable.  We have two choices: we can live our life in self-doubt and fear therefore, not fully expressing who we are, or we can stand in our power, take a risk, and live vividly and dynamically from our heart.  To be fully expressive is to be a lighthouse for others.  Be curious about how you are being for others.  If we get triggered and are reactive with others, then we must take ownership of what we are creating all around us.  The amazing thing about yoga is that it is a practice, and every moment we have the opportunity to create something new for ourselves and in our relationships.

We never know when it may be the last conversation with those we love.  Life is a gift; listening, acknowledging, and being there for others is a gift.  I commit to this bold practice for the sake of living life from my heart so that the people in my life know that I love them!

With Much Love,

Kiersten Mooney

Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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