Greener By The Minute: Natural Stress Relief


Treat yourself well, choose natural stress relief.

Natural ways for relieving stress have been used successfully for many years. There are almost as many ways to deal naturally with stress as there are all those things that cause us to feel stressed to begin with.

We’ve all heard about the bad things stress can do to our health. It’s important for us to have as many resources as possible to help us cope and feel better.

Best choices for natural stress relief

  • When you’re first feeling stressed, close your eyes and breathe, slowly, in through your nose out through your mouth. Focus on your breathing, really think about it how it feels. I have found if I can just refocus my thoughts I relax and feel better. Or try focusing on an object, you know like they teach in child birth classes, focus and breathe. Try it.
  • When you’ve had a rough day take some time when you get home to relax. I know, there’s too much to do but if you can just manage 15 minutes of time the evening will go so much better. Brew some tea, listen to a little music. Relax and be your best for your family.
  • I know many women need exercise to help them relax, just don’t do vigorous exercise before bed. Save that time for slow stretches or yoga. Yoga has to be the best natural stress relief. All that stretching and breathing. Check out a class or learn some yoga to do on your own at home.
  • Vigorous exercise can really help. “Feel good” chemicals, often called a runners high, are released.
  • Share with somebody. Nothing like having someone to complain to and commiserate with. My dog has some really great listening skills. Just look at him, that’s his picture below. He takes his job very seriously and listens patiently while I rant.


  • Laugh. When you’re feeling like crap, try laughing. You don’t have to have a reason and I know it sounds silly but try it. Just laugh. The same “feel good” chemicals are released. What a fun form of natural stress relief.Once again my dog to the rescue, his name’s Pooter by the way (the name’s silly, it’s a long story). He is a continual source of laughter around here, my own little goofy stress reliever.


  • Get a massage. Have one done professionally. It is possible to find affordable massages. Look around or check and see if your area has a massage school and see if they offer massage at a discount. Can you talk someone into giving you one? Even a hand massage feels so good and relaxing.


  • Try mindfulness meditation. While this takes practice once you are successful you can use this natural stress relief method very effectively to help you feel relaxed, centered and in control.
  • Simplify. Many of us, myself included get stressed when they look around them and everywhere you look is a mess. I have tried to be organized but it only seems to last for a little while and then the mess is back.

What has worked for me is to simplify by having less stuff. It is an ongoing thing for me but I am taking a good look at everything around my
house and deciding if I really need it or love it.

I’m learning to let things go. Maybe someone else can use or appreciate it. Buying less also helps. I’ve been putting more thought in to my purchases and trying to buy high quality things I really love or need. I have found this has helped me on many levels. I spend less, enjoy my purchases more and don’t have as many things lying around.

I feel less cluttered. It feels good. And it actually helps the messes feel not so bad. How? Well I have found that I have the habit of dumping all my stuff in one place, my kitchen counters. But with less clutter throughout the house clutter on the counter is manageable and doesn’t seem to bother me as much. I have other areas where I can look and see simplicity.

  • Clean up the clutter you do have. Sometimes despite my best intentions clutter happens. It’s not always easy getting rid of things to simplify. Why not turn to the time tested techniques of feng shui to help you clear the clutter.

    Need more help? Try natural stress relief products.

  • We’ve all heard about aromatherapy. If you’ve wondered if this could work for you maybe now is the time to find out. There are many interesting ways to use essential oils, the basic ingredients of aromatherapy. Consider trying some of the aromatherapy products available today.
  • How about the soft soothing sounds of moving water or watching it flow across rocks in a pool? Relaxing, right? Well consider a relaxation fountain for your desk or table. It just might do the trick.
Value yourself and your health and make a commitment to find something that works for you. Maybe one small idea will work. 



Don’t wait any longer. Try using some kind of natural stress relief.

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  1. Lovely advice; for skeptics; deep yogic breathing ( I do it lying down or sitting up in a modified Lotus pose), does work. I place my hands on my abdomen–just below the solar plexus, and I breathe and let my mind wander. It DOES remove stress, promote sleep, and believe it or not, it helps with my asthma. I also agree with the cardio pick-up, and if anyone wants to laugh, then my dog Gypsy would bring a smile to one’s face every time I pull out my yoga mat, she thinks it means playtime ( for her). Thank you.

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