The Skinny On Triceps

Working the triceps is a key component for any well-rounded exercise routine. Over the years I have accumulated hours upon hours of weight training specifically for my triceps. Between push ups, rope pushdowns, lying barbell triceps extensions, and more, I was wasting a lot of time when I should have been concentrating on the three best triceps toners out there!

According to a study funded by ACE (American Council on Exercise) these are the top three exercises you can do to tone your arms. Start with 2 sets of 10 repetitions every other day and build from there!

1st Place: Triangle Pushups!
2nd Place: Dips off a low bench or chair!
3rd Place: Triceps Kickbacks!

These exercises will have you feeling toned quickly. The best part is you can do all three at home! All you need is a set of dumbells (or a soup can) and a steady chair. Time allotted should only be about 8 minutes max. Start toning today!

Click here to read the ACE study!

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