Suprising Superfoods (Black Is The New Green)

black-bean-soupBecause black foods have more antioxidants than light-colored foods (their pigment is what lies behind the magic)… be aware of other choices to make when it comes to choosing your superfoods of veggies, dark fruits and grains.  If you have trouble finding them you can check ethnic grocery stores and health food stores:

  • Black Rice — Brown rice is good for you but black is even better!  The bran hull contains much higher amounts of Vitamin E, more anthocyanin antioxidants than blueberries even says the Louisiana State University Agricultural  Center.
  • Black Lentils — These legumes are loaded with iron.  One cup has 8 milligrams, getting you almost halfway to your daily requirement of 18 grams.  Lentils also have high levels of fiber which lower your cholesterol and improve immune function.
  • Black Beans — The dark skins of these beans are packed with bioflavanoids which are strong plant based nutrients that protect against cancer, according to Cornell University studies.
  • Black Tea — Green and white teas get a lot of attention, but good old fashioned black tea also is valuable.  It contains theaflavins which are antioxidants that may improve muscle soreness during exercise recovery.  Drinking black tea may also lower your risk of having a heart attack.
  • Black Soybeans — A Korean study found that eating black soybeans can help reduce the rise of potentially fatal blood clots in the circulatory system.  They are more powerful fighters than green soybeans or yellow.  All soybean oil contains a type of Omega-3 fatty acid that reduces the risk of heart disease and depression.  Of course you need a good supplement to get enough of your daily requirement.
  • Blackberries — polyphenols found in them help reduce cognitive decline in older age by protecting brain cell function according to the Center on Aging in Boston.  Blackberries are also very high in fiber which we seem to never get enough of too.

So, what other black foods can you think of that you eat that would add to this list?  Send me your suggestions, and watch out for all foods black (except when its black from mold!)

Courtesy of The Nutrition Advisor Blog — you can also visit her website.

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