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Lucky magazine is in need of a Lifestyle Contributor. I read the description, it seems right up my alley, so I’m going for it.

My first assignment was to write about your everyday look (for work, family, hanging out). Then write about how to make the transformation into a ‘glamorous’ look through your hair, makeup & outfit.

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“Now that I think about it, I’m actually embarrassed as to how many times, I’ve shown up in this ensemble. The nice thing is that no one has seen me wear it more than once. This is the beauty of my lifestyle–I can be a repeat offender! Ha.

I’m able to pull this off for these reasons:

I work from home and therefore I don’t see the same group of people on a daily basis. I run a style consultancy, and part of the service of my job is that I come to you. I’m meeting with clients in their homes or offices, collaborating with like-minded people on new projects over lunch and pulling clothes from various shops to create a look the client would like to achieve.

I have to look legit, but not intimidate. Before I walk out the door, I make sure that I can hang with the savvy fashion conscious but also feel down-to-earth and approachable.


A quick dissection from the bottom up:

Shoes: I love wedge shoes. Doesn’t matter what season we’re in. They are casual enough that you don’t look like a diva (which sometimes happens in heels) but they are also have an element of dressiness. If I’m going to lunch or dinner with friends, it works. If I’m seeing a client somewhere informal like his/her house, it’s acceptable. If I’m walking into a high rise office building, I don’t feel like a hillbilly. Also, because I outfit so many of my clients in custom clothes, having a shoe that gives me some height helps when I am measuring [people taller than me].

Skirt: Have any of your clothes surprised you? I bought this skirt in the beginning of the season. I ran into Target to pick something up. (I think shampoo; this was when I was going through my paraben/sulfate-free product phase). Then this piece caught my eye. It’s not amazing or anything but it’s a 2 in 1. I felt I could get some serious use out of it over the summer–tube top dress style for bbq’s or to throw on over my swim suit and high-waisted skirt style for…anything else? I love the length. Maxi’s are great, but I was sick of that summer look, so this cropped version became my ideal.

Top: I’m smaller up top. (Which you probably can’t tell as this bra is waay padded.) Therefore, wearing large scale stripes with wider space gives the look of a bigger top. Also, I like the mix of pairing two different types of stripes.

* I have also subbed in this crop top on a few occasions. Not ideal for business but for dinner or outdoor festivities–yes.


Jewelry: Simple jewelry here. Because the length is short enough, the necklace draws the attention up towards my face, after all, that’s where I want people to be looking (especially when I am talking)!

When we’re talking about the solid grey crop top, then yes (!) we most definitely need a necklace with some presence.

Bracelet: Bracelets are the accessory that I find myself always gravitating towards while shopping. This is weird, because it’s the item that I have the most of; I really should be looking for earrings. I opted for a simple bangle. When I’m talking with my hands or pointing/showing clothes to people, I don’t want this big bangely, noisey bunch of bracelets distracting anyone from what I’m saying.

Hat: Hats are funny. They give off a vibe that says you ‘know what you’re doing.’ But really, a lot of times people wear hats because their hair wasn’t working out or they haven’t showered.

Glamourous side: Glamour can mean different things to different people. For me, it’s about rich textures and exotic material. This vintage mink & leather coat (inherited from my Aunt Stella) is the most luxuuuurious item I own. The bias cut, light carmel fur evenly separated by its leather panels, a long length that screams ‘timeless’–oh it’s heaven!


Mixing metals and fabrics (lace, leather, velvet, fur, sequins (?))–try it! Even if in small doses.

In terms of makeup, I always think of that little piece of advice we’ve all heard as teenagers, ‘Your lips or your eyes, but not both.’ Deep lip colors and soft metallic eyes or a pale glossy lip and attention on the lashes–those combos seem the most alluring.

For hair, instead of wearing it ‘down’ with volume, why not pull it back and off of your face?”

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Thanks everyone!


Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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