Participate In The Biggest Baptiste Yoga Event Ever!

baptiste-power-yoga-flow-immersionDear Bala Vinyasa Yoga Community, Friends and Family,

I am so excited to invite you to join me, Baron Baptiste and a team of other Senior and Master Baptiste teachers who are coming together to teach the biggest Baptiste Yoga event ever: The Baptiste Power Flow Immersion September 19-21st in Estes Park, Colorado.

What I have realized through the powerful teachings of Baptiste Yoga is that the most important thing in my life are the relationships that I create.  Everyone in my life is a direct reflection of humanity and myself.  If I want to be empowered, I need to risk being powerful.  If I want to be inspired, I must be willing to inspire another.  If I want happiness and peace, it is a choice and a practice.

Baptiste Yoga is not just about moving your body – it will give you access to deeper connections with those you love.  Baptiste Yoga will give you the tools to create and live the life that you love.  I can say that Baptiste Yoga has given me the gift to be fully expressive and present for those I love.  Life is a gift; my listening, acknowledging, and being there for others is a gift, and I commit to this bold practice for the sake of living life from my heart so the people in my life know I love them!

With so much love for each of you,



REGISTER NOW for the Baptiste Power Flow Immersion and seize your chance to practice with Kiersten and a host of other powerful Baptiste teachers.

Get a taste of what Kiersten has to offer this Sunday at 9:30am, as we broadcast her class at 9:35am that includes a special guest! Click this link to practice along live!

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