Peacocking & Other Style “Rules”

As most of you know, the September issues of fashion magazines–male or female, are the thickest of the year. This excites me.

Trends change (more so for women), but the format of the magazines remain the same. For men, it’s always some time of ‘guide’ or ‘rules’ of style.

One of the first magazines I tackled was Men’s Health. (It just happen to be on the top of the pile.) These are their ‘rules’ that I want to highlight:

  1. “It’s more important to look good every day than to look different every day.”
  2. “Wear a tie when you’re asking for money.”
  3. “A man wears a watch. (Match the watch to your look.)”
  4. “Bosses wear white shirts. Drones wear blue shirts. That’s why they’re called ‘white collar’ and ‘blue collar.’”
  5. Keep a set of clean clothes in your car or office. You never know when you’ll spill mustard on yourself…or your boss. (I added that last part.)

Of the 58 rules, the one that caught my eye was #23 ‘Dare to be noticed.’ This advice was given by Neil Strauss, author of The Game, his 2005 bestseller about a secret subculture of pickup artists. Have you ever seen the show, The Pickup Artist? Complete comedy! I remember my roommate & I watching…as ‘terms’ where given for how to get a girl to talk to you by offending her (a neg), keeping her interested (push-pull), and techniques for closing (kiss close).


As a ‘two-set,’ we both agreed that if a guy wearing a fuzzy costume hat or cape approached us at the bar, we probably wouldn’t give him enough time to show us his ‘magic tricks’ with or without his sidekick, Matador!

The technique of wearing something amusing to use as your ‘opener’ is called peacocking. By wearing, aviation goggles (?) you are letting someone ‘open’ you…


If you push away all this nonsense and really get to the point, much of it does make sense…to a certain degree.

As you read peoples’ rules of style and ways to get her to go home with you, or just text you back, remember that the best piece of advice is to wear your confidence. When you put something on and you feel ready to see and be seen, those are the right clothes. (Even if someone else thinks it’s ridiculous!)

(Yes, I do feel like I just gave a pep talk to a recently broken-hearted friend. Ha. But I meant everything I said.)

Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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