Let’s Be Kind To One Another

you-are-beautifulRecently I had someone tell me that their boyfriend sometimes made them feel like the ugliest person in the world. Keep in mind this person was a beautiful, almost 50-year-old woman who looked much younger.

That pretty much broke my heart. I told her that no one should ever make her feel that way and I believe that no one should ever be subject to those feelings, especially by someone who claims they love you.

This proves that controlling relationships aren’t just held by teenagers or twenty somethings, but can happen at any age and in any type of relationship. We all judge each other too harshly and too much. Even I have been told at times that I am too judgmental and every time it makes me break down. I don’t want to make anyone feel badly about themselves or feel as if they can’t tell me things.

So stop for a minute. Think about your relationships. Think about your boyfriend or girlfriend, your parents, your friends, your children, and even acquaintances. Acquaintances are the most judged because you don’t know their real story. You judge their decisions even though you don’t know the background of it, you judge their outfits or the way they look to make others laugh, and you say hurtful things because you don’t really know them and they don’t know you.

Remember that one little comment that you may think nothing of can break someone. Telling your girlfriend she gained a few can completely tear apart her confidence or gossiping about a high school classmate could get back to them and cause them to break down.

This is a really tough thing but if we all stopped with the bullying, name calling, gossiping, and controlling, think about what the world could be. What a world that would be. Let’s all band together to stop ourselves and others from tearing people down and causing hurt. Start today – say something kind when you’re tempted to say something nasty.

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  1. Thanks Lauren <3

  2. Lauren, how true, how sad, and we have all been on the receiving end. I don’t know how we can escape this situation of self-approval via other people’s comments. Yet, our perception seems based on how others make us feel. I often try to give compliments (that are sincere), but many are careless with thoughts and opinions that make us feel as if someone has kicked us in our tummies.

  3. Great artical, I have a brother that was hit by a truck while crossing a busy road at the age of 7,he is now 48yrs old 4 yrs older than I.He is mentaly and physicaly challenged.Much of my childhood memories are standing up for him when kids would make fun of him and call him names. He was easly persuade into doing things that he should not have,just to prove himself as not being so different. with that being said society has delt with bullies for far to long.Education is the best thing we can do for people to stop the bulling and to help heal ones own insecurities.( The Bullies)Start teaching the young to have morales and respect.We are all human with emotions.Words do hurt! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents for the reader to enjoy.

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