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Harriet-the-dogDear ASK Readers,

The morning sun beat down on the white and black-spotted Beagle mix as she pushed her nose against the bars of the cage, letting out a small sigh as her head rested on her front paws. It had been a hot summer already in Detroit, but the most recent heat wave had pushed temperatures over the 100 degree mark for three days in a row. A small whimper escaped her mouth as she turned forlornly toward the long-empty empty water dish. Flies buzzed around her head, swarming on her ears and neck. Her name was Harriet. She had been trapped in the cage for five days.

You can help animals like Harriet by participating in the 6th annual Mega March for Animals.

MHS Cruelty Investigators learned from neighbors that Harriet’s owners had moved out and left Harriet alone, trapped in a cage outside in the sun, with no protection from the elements. Finally, on the fifth day of her imprisonment, Harriet was picked up by the MHS rescue team and brought to the Detroit Center for Animal Care, dehydrated and covered in fly bites.

Though Harriet had been through a terrible ordeal, she proved a friendly — and goofy — addition to the Detroit Center for Animal Care. With her quick smile and friendly personality, she quickly won the hearts of both MHS staff and volunteers as she spent the weeks recovering.  Before too long, she was ready to go up for adoption, quickly finding the loving forever home she thought she’d already found, but always deserved.

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While we can’t understand why anyone would do what they did to Harriet, MHS will always be there for animals in desperate need. But we can’t do it without your support. Sign up for the 6th annual Mega March for Animals today, and help support animals like Harriet who rely on us to stand up for them.

It’s easy to get involved — simply visit and use our online tools to form a team, join an existing team, and reach out to friends and family to start fundraising. In just a few minutes, you can make a difference in an animal’s life.

Last year, more than 6,000 people and hundreds of four-legged friends marched to help end pet homelessness. Will you join us this year and create the promise of a brand new life for animals in need?

Somebody Here Needs You,
Debby MacDonald
Chief Cruelty Investigator
Michigan Humane Society

To find out more about how you can help homeless animals, visit

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