Please Help End Gas Chamber Euthanasia In Animals

Grant-michigan-sheltersGas chamber euthanasia is a thing of the past, at least in 18 states. Unfortunately, Michigan is not among those states that have moved away from this cruel and inhumane way for unwanted animals to die in shelters.

There are currently eight animal shelters in Michigan that still use this outdated method of gassing with carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. The shelters are in these counties: Branch, St. Joseph, Cass, Berrien, Van Buren, Gratiot, Mecosta and Huron Township.  The more humane and actually less expensive way to euthanize is by injection. We here in Michigan can ask our senators to vote on this.

When the Michigan legislature comes back from their summer break on September 7th, SB 423 and 424 will be heard. Call your senator now and ask him or her to support SB 423 and 424. Tell them you are a constituent who cares deeply about shelter pets not being euthanized by the gas chamber.  The nickname for this bill is “Grant’s Bill” named for the dog pictured here who died by gas in St. Joseph’s shelter.

Thank goodness Senator Rick Jones and Senator Steve Bieda introduced this bill. Please call your representative and help this bill to pass. Go to and enter your zip code then just call their office. I do this all the time and it takes 30 seconds. A clerk answers the phone very politely and thanks you for your call.

We can’t always adopt a shelter pet but we can always make a phone call to make their easing out of this world a little more humane.

Thank you,

Animal Joy

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