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eco-jewelry-shopperWhen you shop for jewelry you can buy eco jewelry or you can buy the usual jewelry. Either type can be beautiful or elegant, fun or funky but there is a big difference between them and it comes down to how they are made.

Have you given any thought to where or how your jewelry was made? Until recently, I think most of us have not been aware that there was another side to some jewelry, an ugly side.

Our Search For Bling:

Today, what we call eco jewelry or eco friendly jewelry can come from a variety of sources. It may be jewelry that is created with materials that are environmentally friendly, from recycled materials or jewelry that is made following fair trade guidelines.

Unfortunately, the fascination and reverence we have for jewelry and the value we put on owning it has created many problems for the environment and for those working to bring precious metals and gems out of the ground and into our jewelry boxes. Many of us are just beginning to realize these affects. Certainly the movie, “Blood Diamond” helped heighten awareness and we are beginning to look for better alternatives.

Many of the problems surrounding the mining of gems and metals are very complex involving big business, politics and greed. Makes for a great movie but there are real people living with this reality.

As we all begin to be more informed and smarter with our shopping and we put our dollars out there for eco jewelry we are sending the message that this is what we expect for our money. Change will happen and has been happening as jewelry designers and manufacturers begin to look at the industry and work to make changes we all can live with.

Fortunately, not all jewelry creation is surrounded in controversy or ugliness. Beautiful artistic and fun eco jewelry is being made that appeals to our desires to find that unique and beautiful piece of jewelry but also to appeal to our earth friendly side.

What Are Your Choices?

Information is key to making smart purchases.

  • All that glitters could be dirty gold
  • Traditional mining practices for gold can cause big environmental problems for communities around the excavation site along with unsafe work conditions and extremely low wages. It’s a complex problem that has gone on for years and finally is beginning to be addressed.

    New choices are available for what some call green gold or ethical gold. Understanding and exploring our best jewelery choices can be found when you check out dirty gold.

  • Keeping the peace with diamonds and semi precious stones.
  • Beautiful gemstones have been sought after for thousands of years and their beauty and value have created benefits for many people but also has brought about some very real problems for those caught up in the violence that can surround something of great value.

    Conflict diamonds have been in the spotlight for several years because of their contribution to increasing fighting and violence in regions that have already suffered enough.

    You don’t have to give up owning diamonds. Learn what to look for so you can enjoy the beauty of these stones without the guilt.

  • Everyone benefits from fair trade jewelry.
  • The big focus in the jewelry industry has been on gold and diamonds but that is only part of the picture. What about other mined gems and minerals? Are they being sourced ethically and with concern for the environment?

    Some companies are addressing this but it has become a focus of some companies that create fair trade jewelry. Here a concern for the environment and concerns for the women, men and children from around the world that work to fabricate all different kinds of jewelry come together in the creation of eco friendly jewelry. Problems of poor pay, unsafe working conditions or unfair treatment are not uncommon and are beginning to be addressed.

    Look for companies that provide fair made, eco friendly and socially responsible fair trade jewelry.

  • Recycled jewelry does it all from elegant to fun.
  • From recycled gold to recycled paper, jewelry designers are creating beautiful and creative eco jewelry by reinventing what was old or unusable. Fine jewelers are giving new life to old gold and gemstones while creating elegant and stylish pieces to please even the most discriminating shopper.

    Then there are those who turn trash into treasure and create fun, fresh and unique designs. Many different styles can be found online. Locally look to shops like Whole Foods or other small stores that carry handcrafted items.

    To read more about this exciting new trend in jewelry check out recycled jewelry for more info and tips on where to shop.

Whatever you choose you are sure to be making an eco fashion statement of not only beauty and style but as someone who cares about making purchases that actually help people and the environment.

Your next trip to the jewelry store may have you looking at jewelry in a whole new light. The choices are yours to make and with options like these eco jewelry looks like a glittering solution.

Courtesy of Natural Living for Women.

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