Greener Health: What Exactly Is Organic Living?

organic-livingOrganic Living: More Than Organic Produce.

As more of us are learning the benefits of buying organic foods not only for ourselves but for the environment we are beginning to look at other ways we can bring more organics into our life. Every time something can be grown organically is a win for the environment, the growers, wildlife and us.

Nature touches your life everyday from the products you eat or drink to those you use on your skin, your clothing, and many other items all around you. More and more you may be finding more of these items available organically.

You have more options than ever to buying organically and the more you can choose the better. Your purchases are helping to create the….

Organic Advantage

  • Healthier work environments for growers and workers.
  • Safe and natural alternatives to chemicals used for growing that are better for the environment and wildlife.
  • An increased demand for organic products that are free of chemicals like herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides used for growing and bleaches, dyes and other chemicals used for processing.
  • Our purchases support not only organic farmers but also tells designers and manufacturers that we are serious about organic items. Everyone is encouraged to produce more.
  • The Challenge To Organic Living

    Possibly the biggest issues are a limited selection and of course the cost.

    There are many factors that raise the costs of organic items. Among them is the certification process farmers go through. This can be costly and time consuming. Growing with care for the environment takes more time and uses more labor which adds to the expense. Our demand for organic products is the best way we can help bring down the prices.

    Bigger selections will be available in time as more manufacturers and designers discover ways to work with organics. Here too our interest in these products will make a difference.

    Knowing the options available we can pick and choose what makes sense to us and what we can reasonably afford and keep in mind that if all of us made one small purchase we are making an impact.


    Possibilities For Organic Living

    As you will see below there are now more options for purchasing organically than ever before. Keep in mind as you shop for organic products to look for certified organic products. Look for a logo or look to see if there is information about your product being certified organic somewhere on the product or within a company website. This is your assurance that you are indeed buying a product with a high percentage of organic materials or ingredients and not a phony.


    organic-clothing Probably one of the more obvious ways to buy organic is by choosing organic cotton clothing or organic underwear. Since conventionally grown cotton is one of the environmentally worst crops when we choose to replace even a few items of clothing with organic cotton we are making a difference. Fortunately, organic clothing is finding it’s way in to mainstream shopping and becoming not only easier to find but also more affordable. A welcome addition to organic living.

  • Organic Clothing

  • Organic Underwear
  • Skin and Hair Care

    This is fast becoming a safe and healthy way to treat our skins as we learn more about the body’s ability to absorb what we apply on it.

  • Organic Skin Care

  • Organic Body Care

  • Organic Shampoo

  • Organic Nail Polish

  • Organic Soap
  • Flowers and Scents

    woman-and-roses So many flowers are grown each year to meet our needs for all the events in our lives. Before I became a more conscious consumer, I didn’t give any thought to how or where these flowers were grown. But there are real benefits all around when we make these a part of organic living.

  • Organic Flowers
  • Good quality perfumes are made with real flowers scents. New perfumes are being developed all the time but most of them contain very little real, natural flower fragrance. Organic perfumes are a wonderful way to treat ourselves to beautiful, pure healthy scents that are not only great for us but kind to the environment. A sweet smelling addition to organic living.

  • Organic Perfume
  • While soy candles have been available for a while organic soy is new. There are only a handful of companies making them. I had initial doubts about the reason to make organic candles but after some checking have changed my mind and can now see the benefit as I hope you will too.

  • Organic Soy Candles
  • Feminine Protection

    Feminine protection is something everyone woman has to deal with. Personally, I feel like it is important to use products that are organically grown on delicate areas of the body. I choose to use the purest most natural products I can so I choose organic feminine protection.

  • Organic Tampons
  • Tea and Chocolate

    Organically grown tea just makes sense. Millions of cups will be brewed today alone that’s a lot of tea leaves to be grown and harvested. New varieties and flavor combinations are so numerous we could try a new flavor every day of the year and many of these can be purchased organically.

  • Organic Tea
  • Are you a chocolate lover? Organic chocolate has even more to offer. Where and how cocoa beans are grown makes a big difference to us and the environment. Good quality organically grown chocolate is rich, smooth and delicious and when you buy the right kinds is now being considered healthy. Now that’s good news.

  • Organic Chocolate
  • Even More Benefits To Organic Living

    Often you will find companies that choose to go organic with their products will have equal concerns for making sure that people involved in growing, harvesting or processing organic crops are also treated well. And then carry forward their concerns by making sure that no animal testing is allowed for their products.

    This creates a wonderfully thoughtful way of doing business. One I know that those of us who want natural living to be a part of our lives are happy to support. It’s up to us to to make organic living a part of our life through conscious choices in our purchases.

    Choices that can make a difference.
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