Ladies, It Is Time To Get Your Man Healthy!

men-women-healthHere are Dr. Oz’s top 10 health tips for men:

  1. Laughter: it eases stress, lowers blood pressure and promotes social bonding
  2. Dont skip breakfast: fiber in the morning means less hunger throughout the day
  3. Sleep: 7 hours of sleep helps you live longer!
  4. Healthy Bowel Movements: smooth and S shaped is the key here!
  5. Don’t pamper your bad back!
  6. Taste the colors: foods that are bright with rich colors are also packed with flavinoids and carotenoids which reduce inflammation
  7. Brushing is not enough! Flossing is important as well. It helps eliminate bacteria and reduce the risk of heart disease!
  8. Take deep belly breathes!  The dose of O2 will help you feel relaxed and more alert
  9. Join a Yoga class!
  10. Sweat till your wet!

Did he turn up his nose at the thought of doing yoga? Tell him real men do yoga!

Many men hold on to a variety of misconceptions about yoga.   These ideas include “only women do yoga,” “I am not flexible” or “I can’t do every pose”. However the truth is that all people, regardless of their gender, can reap great benefits of yoga.  Yoga teaches us how to breathe into muscle tightness to open up congested areas and to promote free flow of blood and energy.  Overtime, the muscles become more relaxed and strengthened to an extent that does not lead to pain.

Most pain conditions that we see in men are often related to tight muscles.  Yoga opens the muscles and prevents knots from forming.  Over time, men who have a regular yoga routine will see less muscle tension and pain throughout the body.

Here are a few poses you can try to get you started:

1.       Forward Fold: Place your feet about hip’s distance apart and keep them parallel to each other.  (Your feet should look like the number 11)  Bend over and let the weight of your torso weigh heavy towards the ground.  Maintain a small bend in your knees to make sure they do not lock into place.  You can allow your hands to reach towards the ground or you can hold your elbows and let your torso gently sway from side to side.

2.     Child’s Pose: Begin on hands and knees on the floor.  Then bring your big toes to touch and spread your knees wide apart from one another.  Bring your buttocks back towards your heels while stretching your arms straight in front of you and allow your forehead to rest on the ground (if possible).  You should feel a nice, gentle stretch across your entire back.

3.       Downward Dog:  Begin on hands and knees.  Try to place the weight in your hands towards the base of your fingers rather than on your wrists.  Slowly lift your hips off the ground by beginning to straighten your legs.  Reach your heels towards the ground as best as you can, while reaching your buttocks towards the sky.  You should feel a whole body stretch, especially in your back, shoulders and hamstrings.

Courtesy of Acupuncture Healthcare Associates of Michigan.

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