Crunchy, Whole Grain-y (and Quick) Breakfasts

teff-porridgeHow can you tell if someone is a professional recipe developer? If they have a freezer full of cranberries from May to September. That’s because we have to work four to five months ahead to be seasonal when magazines hit the newsstands, which means we’re always in season out of season. Hence cranberries on hand during summer rather than fall/winter. (Another good way to tell if someone is a professional recipe developer is to mention the Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2010 and see how panicky she gets at the mere thought of trying to chase down non-existent canned pumpkin in May when trying to create Thanksgiving recipes…only to discover that the previous year’s crops had taken a tumble and virtually no stores had canned pumpkin in stock. We had to start calling our friends to see if anybody had leftover canned pumpkin stashed away in the pantry. Such are the trials and tribulations of the recipe creation world.)

But I digress: this post is really about easy breakfasts, not cranberries. I just used cranberries in my porridge because I have lots of them on hand. You can use whatever fruit you like. The real point today is to share a super-quick porridge recipe. Everyone is familiar with the idea of cooking oats for breakfast, but have you ever tried teff? The whole grains are so tiny – the world’s smallest, in fact – that they cook in 5 minutes. Just add your milk of choice (dairy, grain, nut, coconut, etc.) in a ratio of 2:1, simmer, and serve. Can’t get easier than that, especially now that teff is getting easier and easier to find. Whole Foods stocks it nationwide, many local grocers stock it (the Berkley Westborn started stocking it after I told the owner what a wonderful whole and gluten-free grain it is), and most health/whole food stores stock it. It’s crunchy, nutty, and can be purchased as a whole grain or a pre-ground flour, or you can grind the whole grain into a nice flour using your spice/coffee grinder (or a small food processor).

Teff & Cranberry Porridge
Makes enough for an individual serving; feel free to increase portions as you see fit.

1/2 cup whole milk (dairy, coconut, nut, grain, etc.)
1/4 cup teff
Handful cranberries or any other fruit
Maple syrup or date sugar (or any natural sweetener you like) for serving
Cinnamon (optional)

Bring milk to a simmer, then add teff and continue to simmer for 5 minutes, reducing heat to medium-low if the milk starts to bubble and go from a calm simmer to an angry boil. Milk froths up quite a bit when it boils, so keep a close eye on the stove and be ready to lift the pan from the burner and turn down the heat if necessary. You can either add the berries/fruit when you add the teff or you can stir them in at the end.

Stir in a dash of maple syrup and cinnamon before serving if you wish.


Courtesy of Cultured Cook.

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