Say GoodBye To Ab Flab!

absWhether you have a month, a week or even just a day:

IF YOU HAVE 24 HOURS: Drop up to an inch from your belly by de-bloating, says Health Magazine. Here’s how:

  • Build meals around plain grilled chicken, fish or seafood and steamed veggies like zucchini, salad, green beans, asparagus or carrots. Eggs are OK too.
  • Fill up on cucumbers (to help fight water retention), celery (to balance fluid levels and artichokes, asparagus and watercress which are also natural diuretics.
  • Drink mostly water and add some natural lemon or lime juice for flavor, and avoid any carbonated drinks which bloat you.
  • Don’t eat any processed foods, soda pop, chewing gum or alcohol. Don’t eat any beans, wheat or dairy which tend to cause bloating as well. Just eat as many raw veggies as possible.
  • Grapefruit and Granny Smith Apples are OK too.

IF YOU HAVE A WEEK: Drop up to 5 pounds with 1,200 calories per day. Go to and get calorie/portion counts on every food known to man.

IF YOU HAVE A MONTH: Knock off up to 12 pounds by combining a healthy 30 minute every day workout with the Glycemic Index Diet which is easy to follow and still allows for many choices. It gives a value number to every food which indicates how quickly it raises blood sugar levels and is metabolized by the pancreas and liver. A value number of 70 or less is the food to eat during your weight loss phase. You can get information from me about the Glycemic Index Diet since that is a popular plan I often suggest.  Just watch for sensitivity to gluten in wheat products and dairy product sensitivities when choosing your foods to avoid gas, bloating fatigue and other inflammatory responses you may have to keep the best health possible and avoid fatigue.

Are you digesting well? Do you feel bloated, gassy or tired after certain meals? Do you have excema, arthritis or GERD?  If so, you could be dealing with gluten intolerance, thanks to the processing of our wheat products across the board in the country as well as the pesticides being used to spray our crops.

Have a healthy, happy week and contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Best Regards, Linda Wolschlager, C.N.C.

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  1. Great article! Gluten intolerance is something I have been researching this past summer, and it is something that perplexes me—I understand its premise, but you make very good sense as to why it has escalated. Thanks

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